Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Miles and Fun Fitness!

For kicks, I got out the calculator and did the math!

And since I had to pull out the calculator to add some stuff up, I decided I may as well blog about it.

So straight off, I can tell you that I blogged less this year than last year. Reason? I could throw a few reasons out there, but basically, I just wasn't feeling it.
I really only want to write when "it" hits me.
I'm not getting paid, though I wish I were. I'm not on a deadline, not even a self-imposed one.

My prediction for 2015 blogs? I'll write some weeks and I won't some others. How's that for a prediction?


During 2014 I ran more miles than 2013.

(2013 - 340.250/2014 - 386.32)

I'm still not fast, which means I'm still slow, but not as slow as I was in 2013.

That extra running took some time away from my biking. I biked about 550 miles less in 2014 than I did in 2013. 
I enjoyed almost every minute of it!
There was that one hill in Yellowstone when I didn't feel as if I was having too much fun, but I am sure that little bit of suffering has made me a better cyclist.

Really, I love my bikes....hills or flats!!!

I swam less miles in 2014 than I did in 2013, about 25 miles less.
While I swam less, I swam with more focus and I really worked on my technique. 
I enjoyed swimming in 2014 way more than in any other year!!!

To be able to say I really enjoy swimming is something for me to celebrate!!!!

I looked at my 2013 End-of-the-Year blog and it ended with this -

How many miles will I be logging this year?
I'm guessing about the same - if maybe a little less.
What? Less Miles?
This year I will focus more on building strength.

I'm not exactly sure what that is suppose to mean because really, I think it is important to work on a weakness and let your strengths take care of themselves.

My goals for 2015?

My goals are to work on my weaknesses (too many to list here), have fun and stay fit!!!

What's going to keep me on track?

My 2015 journal.

Past years' Journals.

Looking through past years' journals can be telling.

I can close the book on my 2014 mileage journal and walk away from the year happy because I've gone another year and I have made improvement.

I have aged....and made improvement.

How do I know?

I competed at the Tinsel Triathlon in 2010 and it took me 1:22:42 to complete that reverse sprint.
In 2011, it took me 1:19:46.
In 2012, it took me 1:18:04.
I didn't compete at that race in 2013.
But this year, 2014, it took me 1:15:28.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the New Year!

May your New Year be filled with fun, fitness and friends!!!