Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Five Year ROTB Anniversary

I'm eventing at Race on the Base at the Los Alamitos Joint Training Facilities Base on Saturday.
After I cross the finish line of the reverse sprint, I'll receive my dog-tag finisher medal.....and then I am going to visit the "staff at Pool on the grass with the awards and check in with them to receive" this medal.

Five Timer!

I got an email a couple of weeks back telling me about the special medal I was going to get.
And for me, it is special!!!!

Race on the Base is very special to me, since it was my very first triathlon....5 years ago.

My blog last year about ROTB:

This next one is another blog about ROTB and my first race:

Some things have definitely changed since my first race.
 I only backstroke now during training and just as a fun stroke.

Since that first triathlon I have become a USA Triathlon Coach and this year I will have three of my athletes at the event. That is really exciting for me. It is especially exciting because for one of my athletes it is her very first triathlon. I know she is probably a little nervous, especially because the weather is calling for rain. Since it poured the first year I did ROTB, I think I can assure everyone that they will live through it AND have fun!!!!

Some things have not changed since that first race.
I am still bringing my guy along.