Saturday, February 22, 2014

Race on the Base 2014...Older, but not Slower

My goal the past few years has been to NOT slow down.

I have thought it would be great if, as I aged, I could keep the speed I had in 2010 - the first year in which I decided I wanted to have some speed.
And my speed is your slow.

 I'm sure the same can be said for triathletes!
Race on the Base 2010 was my first triathlon.
I can't use splits from that race to measure my run, bike, swim and transition speeds because that race, - my first triathlon every - my chip did NOT work. At first I was disappointed, but it kept me in the game because ROTB gave me a free race the next year.
The only speed fact I have from that first year is that I finished in 1:26:13.

Oh, and this remembrance blog from last year that recounted my Race on the Base races through 2011.

In 2012 the run course was more than a 5K (about 3.7) and I finished in 1:38:01:7 and 8th out of 33 in my age group.

Last year, 2013, they had shortened the run course back to a REAL 5k and I finished in 1:26:22:6 and 16th out of 48 in my age group.

I am SOOOO happy to tell you that this year I was faster than all my ROTB races in the past.

My run was my fastest, my T1 time was my fastest, my bike time was my fastest, my T2 time was my fastest AND my swim time was my fastest, than all my other ROTB races.

Today I finished in 1:21:59:2.
I came in 15th out of 24 in my 50-54 age group, but I am so happy that today was MY fastest ROTB!!!!

If you read any of my other blogs, you know that my first few years, I was a backstroker during my swim. Even last year, my goal was to make it through the 200 swim without having to breaststroke or backstroke at all, which I did, but I had to take it slow.

I've gone from a swim time of 6:25 for a 200 in 2011 to today's 5:13.

That makes me happy.

Yes, I know that my fast is your slow....

My goal is to continue to tack years onto my age group age and maintain my fitness.....

And take my guy along with me.....

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