Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ghost Bike - Second Time Around

Today Mark Friis, of Inland Empire Biking Alliance, and I put David Mendez' ghost bike on Central Avenue near where he was hit.
It was the second time we placed his ghost bike.
Unlike the first time, when it was just Mark and me, today we were joined by another 100 people  - some of David's family members, some cyclists who knew David and lots of cyclists who did not, and even some non-cyclists.

We started the David Mendez Memorial Ride from Riverside City Hall.

I had the ghost bike in the back of my Suburban. With David's sister's permission, I had lifted a few pictures off his Facebook page and made a poster that I had attached to the bike. My guy was nice enough to drive the Suburban at the back of the cycling pack with the blinkers flashing.

David's Mom, Silvia, and his sisters, Marlene and Ginnie, were there for the ride, but they only had two bikes, so Marlene started the ride riding shotgun with Robert and the ghost bike.

Eric, another IEBA member, and I led the group out. I rode my mountain bike figuring we wouldn't be going too fast.

Picture by Dave Bauman, The Press-Enterprise

About half way to Olivewood Cemetery, where David had been hit, we had to ride up Panorama, a short hill for a cyclist, a BIG hill for a mom who does not bike. My friend, Jeanne, who was being sweep for our ride, told Robert to pull over and Silvia and Marlene switched places. I like that they both had an opportunity to ride bikes at the memorial ride.

After riding a bike, Silvia said she understood why David liked riding so much! Silvia even said she may take up cycling.
Picture from IEBA
Silva and a family friend, who said David helped her pick out her bike, but wasn't around long enough to help her learn how to ride it. She did a great job riding it today!!!

Cyclist line up on the sidewalk along Central Avenue waiting for the ghost bike to be placed.

Cyclists lined the sidewalk on Central Avenue. There are no bike lanes along this street and while the posted speed limit says 35 mph for road work, most people drive 45 to 55 mph on this section of road.

I do not want to have to place another ghost bike.
Inland-area cyclists stands along Central Ave in Riverside on Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014 to protest the death of a bicyclist authorities say was killed by an alleged drunken motorist last month. The group participated in a memorial ride sponsored by The Inland Empire Biking Alliance to honor 22-year-old David Mendez of Riverside, who was riding on Central Avenue when he was struck and killed Jan. 5.
Photo by Dave Bauman, The Press-Enterprise

Several participants had posters urging cyclists and drivers to have respect for each other and share the road.

Let's all share the road!!!
 For the Press-Enterprise article, click on the link.