Friday, February 28, 2014


Women Having Optimistic Objectives and Healthy Attitudes
I am an Ambassador for Whooha Gear.
I didn't plan it.
But it was meant to be.
I know a lot of my fellow triathlete women friends filled out the application to be a Whooha Ambassador and all of them would have been a GREAT choice.
I waited until the last day to submit the application and, yes, I did write about myself, but I also urged Whooha to take on my entire triathlon club.
Here's part of what I wrote in my last-minute application to Whooha:
"I think several women in my triathlon club, Triathlon Connection, have applied to be WHOOHA Ambassadors and I think that is fabulous. You would be lucky to have any of them representing you. My club is filled with awesome women, all of them working hard and setting a good healthy example for women. It would be great if you could pick all of the women in my club that applied. We  are WHOOHA!!!!"
 And all of the women in Triathlon Connection are WHOOHA's.
 There is a lot of Whooha in this picture!!
I am so lucky that I get to see a lot of them this weekend at Desert Tri.
I have an athlete racing in Saturday's sprint. And I am racing in Sunday's International Distance.
Besides myself, we have five other Whooha women competing. Whooha may not have picked up all the women in my club - but all the women in my club are Whooha women!!!!
 And Thank you to Whooha for making me an ambassador.
I really appreciate your write-up about me:


When we read Kandi’s feisty and fun story, we knew right away we needed to have her as our ambassador!! We have included some of her quotes below that inspired us and made us smile!

Kandi says “If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be racing at Wildflower (a famously difficult triathlon) I would have said NO! But I got myself some WHOOHA since then and have made huge changes in my life.” She went from a non-exerciser to a USA Triathlon Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. She is 53 years young and didn’t even start swimming, biking or running until she was 49 years old!!! She says: “If I can do it, so can other women. I am not even very athletic. But, completing a triathlon or a run, or a bike ride, makes me feel as if I can do anything.”

Kandi now spends her days and evenings encouraging other women to make positive changes and live a healthier life. She says “I think a lot of times women, especially older women, are afraid to get out there and try new things. “ Her goal is to encourage all women to make some type of positive change in their life.

I know that just reading Kandi’s story encouraged us! There is no doubt she spreads W.H.O.O.H.A in everything she does!!!

Thanks Kandi!!! "
I really love representing Whooha Gear...
But next year, I want Whooha Gear to pick up all the women in my Tri Club!!!!


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