Saturday, February 1, 2014

Surf City

While picking up my bib and chip for the Surf City Half Marathon tomorrow, I tried to recall the last time I ran a half marathon.
I ran a half marathon at the end of a half iron distance triathlon last year, but not a stand alone half marathon.

I had to come home and look in my race journal.
In 2012, I ran 3 half marathons - Pasadena, Disneyland and Mission Inn.
In 2011, I also ran 3 half marathons - Pasadena, Rock'n'Roll San Diego and Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas (running the strip at night).
In 2010, I started running... since it seemed kind of mandatory that I run at either the beginning or the end of a triathlon.
I ran my first half marathon at the Laguna Hills Half Marathon in May at a 12:51 pace. I ended the day hobbling. My knee pretty much froze and wouldn't bend and it remained like that for about 3 days.
But that didn't stop me from running the Seattle Rock'n'Roll MARATHON about 3 weeks after my first half.
If you think my knee fared better at it's first full marathon than it did at it's first half, you are very optimistic.
This isn't me, but it's pretty close....Actually it was just my left knee that was hurt. The last 4 miles of the marathon I used my BUFF to hold ice against my knee. I would stop at every aid station and get ice. One aid station didn't have any ice, but the band that was playing had their own ice chest with beer and I took from them - ice, not the beer, but by then beer would have helped.

You can see the bulge in my pants above my knee....that is my BUFF filled with ice.

I don't know why they didn't include any pictures of the BUFF holding ice against one's knee.

At the end of the race the first aid station used clear tape to tape the ice pack (as in the above picture) on my knee. It melted pretty fast and I left a drip trail from the finish line all the way to our hotel.
I really like running 10km races and I love trail running, but I'll run any distance if it is at the end of a triathlon.
If I ever run a marathon again, it will only be because it is at the end of a triathlon.
I did NOT plan to sign up for any big run events this year, even though I did plan to increase my run mileage.
I'm running 500 miles to Venus and you can run, too! Click on the link to read how to join in the fun and run!
It was my guy's idea to sign up for Surf City.
He ran it years ago and thought it would be nice to run it again. So I signed us up.
The run is tomorrow and Robert is in Washington.
He will not be running with me.

He will be visiting my Dad and his wife in Sequim, Washington, where he will be surrounded by cheering Seahawk fans.

No worries.
I'll be running with Robert's replacement for the day -

 Orietta will be keeping me company on the 13.1 miles.
Our plan is to run/jog/walk/take pictures/talk/repeat.
ROTB stands for Race on the Base - a triathlon I'll be racing at in 3 weeks. Orietta won a bag and I won a tshirt at the "wheel" at the expo.
FYI - I only bought a pair of $15 sunglasses.
On our way back to the car we saw Sandy - friend, fellow Triathlon Connection member and Swirlgear teamie.
It was a beautiful day at the beach!!!!!
I'm hoping for some great weather tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a great run training day.

The long-sleeve pink tech shirt is a winner!
And if you are at the Surf City event tomorrow, look for us....we will be wearing our

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