Friday, December 27, 2013

I'll Be Running to Venus in 2014

I'll be running to Venus in 2014!
Me and 24,999 other "Moon Jogger" runners from around the world.
It's 25,000,000 miles to Venus, but putting our miles all together, we should be about to get there.
And anyone who puts on running shoes and steps out the door is a runner.

2014 is the year that I am going to BE a runner.
I've started out slow...and slowly progressed through the years.
And when I say YEARS, really I only mean four years. Before 2010, I did NOT run, except to the store or the bathroom and neither one of those actually involved running.
2010, I logged about 120 miles and that included running the Laguna Hills Half Marathon and the Seattle Marathon. Again, I am not sure I would say I was running. It was more jogging/walking/ending with a hobble.

Carolyn and me at the finish line at the Seattle Marathon.

If you look closely you can see a huge bulge by my left knee. That is an ice pack.

For the longest time I had a problem with my left knee seizing up whenever I ran more than 3 miles. Finally I got some great orthotics from my ART Chiropractor Dr. Pete and no more LEFT knee problems.
Now I just have issues with my RIGHT knee after falling against the bricks of my fireplace....but that's another story.
2011 - I ran about 312 miles. I had a triathlon coach who wanted me to run more, further, faster, more....but this is what I managed. This was the year that I also discovered that the major arteries in my right leg are freakishly small. That's why when I start to run my leg would hurt so much. Actually running has improved the circulation in my leg.
I won't bore you with all the stats from my doctor.
2012 - I ran about 427 miles.
I was basically injury free except for my fireplace aka laundry accident.

2013 - Yeah, I know we are still in 2013, but there aren't too many days left of this year, so I can pretty much tell you that during 2013 I ran about 350 miles.
Yes, I ran LESS than I did in 2012, but I feel much better about it. I can run farther at one time and not feel too horrible at the end. It doesn't take me as long to recover from a long run. I can run faster at shorter distances and it doesn't take me as long to recover.
So my goal for 2014 is to up my mileage and work on running to Venus while still feeling good about being a runner.
How am I going to do that?
I am going to be more consistent...but I am only going to run 3 times a week.
I am reading the Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster and I am going to give it a try for 2014.
Anyone who wants to join me in my and the other "Moon Joggers" run to Venus can still be a part of the event.
You can even join my team - Train-n-Tri.


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