Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running Without Knee Pain

These little babies are going to turn me into a runner WITHOUT knee pain.

I've been waiting a couple of weeks for these inserts. Dr. P casted my feet and took my (gulp) large wad of cash several weeks ago. Dr. P called me yesterday and I raced (in the car) to his office to pick them up.

I stuck them in my running shoes this morning, said a prayer that I could run 3 miles without my knees hurting or my hip aching, grabbed the dog, pushed the button on my Ironman GPS watch and took off.

At first my right foot felt as if I was running on a big wad of tissue stuck in the bottom of my shoe. My left shoe felt a little different, but not by much. Willie and I jogged slowly through my neighborhood for about two miles before we stopped for a short break.

 While Willie cooled off in the lavender bushes, I assessed my knees. No pain. Hips? No aching. The Footlevelers brochure said it could take from one day to as long as a month to adjust to the stabilizers.

The last mile of our jog I didn't even notice my feet, my shoes, my knees or my hips.

I am hoping that today was my adjustment day and tomorrow I can just be back to having training days.

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