Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 A Fabulous Start to a Fabulous Year

I started 2012 doing 3 of my favorite things - riding a bike, going to the beach, and eating - with 3 of my favorite people - Robert, and friends Carolyn and Gary.
Carolyn and my bike at Huntington Beach - a nice little 30 mile ride from Fantasy Restaurant in Yorba Linda.

Celebrating New Year's Day at Duke's in Huntington Beach. The champagne brunch was fabulous. We sat there and watched lots of people dip in the water for the annual Polar Plunge. Next year we are going to bike to the beach, do the Polar Plunge, THEN have champagne at Duke's.

Well, that was the start of 2012.  I put 59 miles on my road bike riding from Yorba Linda to the beach and back. That means I only have 2,441 miles more to go this year.  My road bike mileage for 2010 was 2,000 and I made it, but it was close. I had to ride every day the last week. I am thinking that since I have signed up for a Half Ironman this year that my bike mileage will least by 500 miles.

2012 Soma TriathlonHalf Iron Distance Triathlon and Relay
October 21, 2012
New Advanced Timing System for 2012!

Yep, I signed for a Half Ironman.  I am 51-years-old and I have never even done an Olympic Distance Triathlon, but that didn't stop me from signing up for Soma.

This is Edith and I mountain biking. She is the one that talked me into signing up for Soma. She HAS done an Olympic Distance Triathlon, but not a Half Ironman Distance. Another triathlete friend that talked me into signing up for Soma is Barbara. I think spending the day training with Navy SEALS gave us a lot of self-confidence and a we can do anything attitude.
Barbara, Enrique, me, Edith and Robert toasting ourselves after training with Navy SEALS and living to tell about it.....Doesn't Barbara just look like someone who could talk you into competing in a way over your head event?
So all my mileage this year is going to increase.
2011 bike mileage - 2,000

2012 bike mileage goal - 2,500

2011 running mileage - 312.50
2012 running goal mileage - 520
I know that sounds like a big increase, but I just signed up/promised/pledged/lied to my triathlon friends at Triathlon Connection that I would run 10 miles a week. I did the math and that comes to 520 miles in a year.

2011 swimming mileage 30.33
2012 swimming goal mileage - uh, more than 30.33?
I am working on swimming, especially open water swimming. My real 2012 goal for swimming is to enjoy it....however much of it I do, which I am sure will be more than 2011!

I am also going to have mountain bike goals this year. I don't know what the mileage goal is. I have never kept track of my mountain bike miles, but this year for fun I am. I signed up for my first mountain bike triathlon at Wildflower, so I may be doing a little more mountain biking than in the past. I also plan on clipping in on the mountain bike and being comfortable with it before Wildflower.

2011 goals and resolutions - I didn't have any.

2012 goals and resolutions - I want to get a year older, a tad fitter and have lots of fun along the way with family and friends!

2012 started out Great!

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