Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy Triathlon Friend Week

Wow, time goes by real fast when I get busy working out and training with my triathlon friends.

My whirlwind fun started last Thursday. Robert and I drove down to Escondido so I could attend a spin class at the 4S Ranch LA Fitness. Now why would I put on makeup and drive 65 miles away for a spin class? Well, because Meredith of SWIM BIKE MOM fame was a special guest at the class.

Meredith on left, me on right

Friday, my friend Carolyn and I swam...well we floated on our sides and practiced breathing and lifting our elbows out of the water. We are learning Total Immersion swimming techniques from square one. We spent an hour in the pool going back and forth without actually swimming.

Carolyn on left, me on this isn't of us in a pool practicing swimming. This is us coming back from a week in Washington State where we ran our first (and so far only) Marathon - the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Marathon. It was to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Saturday I rode with my Triathlon Connection friends. We rode from Yorba Linda Regional Park to Huntington Beach and back, about 45 miles.....45 fast miles. I made sure all my friends got to take lots of little breaks in their ride because they had to wait for me to catch up.

After our 45 miles bike ride, we ran.  Most of the above athletes ran 5 to 6 miles. I slowly jogged and walked about 2 1/2 miles. My legs were done.

My bike riding/triathlon friend Edith had planned a big mountain bike ride for Sunday. I called her Saturday night and said I just didn't think my legs could stand pedaling up a mountain. She said our guys could ride and we could walk - our dogs.

I walked the 4.5 miles up Skyline Drive as fast as some mountain bikers rode. Downhill Willie, my dog, and I were a bit slower. Both Willie and I were tired when we got home and we took a big nap!

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s holiday and I took a day off from work and exercise.  Oh, but I didn't just sit around - Robert and I went to Coach Tony University class - Nutrition for athletes.  We were given the tools so that we can figure out how many calories of protein, carbs and fat we should have before, during and after training depending on what type of training we are doing or if we are competing.

And this is how we finished off the class......

I love triathlon training!

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