Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Lucky World!

Sometimes life throws you a curve or two to see how you will handle it. I am pretty happy with the way I handled my curves the past couple of weeks.
First, someone stole my ATM card, my camera and my Lucky coin purse while I was at my gym working out.

I didn't freak. Just called the bank, got my cards cleared up, and bought a new camera and coin purse on eBay.

Man, that Yoga class is really working for me. I barely flinched through that. Though I really missed the Lucky coin Robert (my hubby) had given me and my Lucky jade stone - both which were in my coin purse.

But today it all was made better. Robert gave me another Lucky Coin. And this isn't just a Lucky Coin. This is a LOVE Lucky Coin.
It is so pretty, like getting a bouquet of flowers, but better because on the back.....
I love that he knows how to give me flowers and money at the same time.
So I had some of that love-feeling in my coin purse and in my heart tonight when my 19-year-old son decided he was so ill that he couldn't drive himself to the doctor and needed me.

This doesn't need me - Lucky coin purse - with Lucky Jade elephant from my mom, Lucky coin from Robert, Lucky coin purse from eBay and Lucky pills!

Sometimes it is hard to be needed...but my Yoga classes are really helping because as I drove my son to the doctor I barely thought about my Master Swim Class for Triathletes I was missing. Swimming may be my biggest hurdle to a fabulous triathlon season, and this one class may have made a HUGE difference in my swim ability, but I hardly thought of that at all as I drove him to the doctors.

I did text my Coach and my Swim Buddy that I wasn't making it because of a family obligation. But never once did I feel stressed or put-out.

I actually ENJOYED going to the doctor with my son (aka Muddy Buddy). He went in for poking and prodding and I read my "Start to Finish Ironman" book. Then we went across the street and had dinner together. It was just another bonding experience time together. 

Oh, and I think my son (aka Muddy Buddy will live - at least until he leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor.

And tomorrow I can swim.

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