Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I Love My Training Partner

I am the luckiest woman in the world because my training partner is my husband. He is fabulous. Robert is a fabulous training partner because he is not competitive with me at all. So I am not competitive with him.

We can use all our competitive energy on training. Sometimes I push him and sometimes he pushes me. But he is always a gentleman.

Okay, sorry, but my guy is way better looking than this. My guy may be older, but still, when he was younger he did modeling work, too, and he was better looking than this. But this is my gentleman image, however lame it is.

Robert is a way better and faster cyclist than I am, but when we ride he always lets me take the lead. Sometimes I let him ride behind me and I set the pace. Other times I tell him to get out in front and go and I'll follow......and I immediately get dropped, but that's okay. I know eventually he will wait for me.

Okay, one time Robert and I were riding with a group and he forgot about me and rode away and I was left riding by myself. I was mad and I was alone and I started to cry and when I eventually met up with him I was PISSED! I know that was a lot of ANDS, but I was all of those AND it has never happened again.

I usually wait for Robert when we run. I can run faster than he can (for now). Every once in a while he gets a burst and pulls out in front. But mostly I feel like I am running slow and I come upon our usual "walk across the street" spot and I'll look back and he will be back...sometimes way back (just like me when we cycle). I always circle back for him.

Robert is a way better swimmer than I am (for now). But when we open water swim, he is patient and makes sure I don't get too far behind.

But here is the most important reason why he is the best training partner ever - he has an awesome sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time.

Tonight on the way to the Triathlon Connection get-together we decided to stop at a P.F. Chang's and use our free appetizer coupons that we got from the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll expo. Robert set the Garmin to find the P.F. Chang's and then, in a deadpan voice said, "This (Garmin) even has the menu." What? "It shows the menu." He actually had me believing that the Garmin was showing not only the direction to P.F. Chang's, but also the food menu for the restaurant. Even though I was driving I demanded that he show me where on Garmin it showed the menu. He showed me Garmin and pointed to the middle bottom where it said MENU.
And then I laughed.

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