Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rubbing Elbows with Bloggers

No, it doesn't say says Bloggers. Well, maybe just one blogger. Thursday evening I am rubbing elbows with Swimbikemom. Okay, I'm not rubbing elbows, but I am going to share the same ROOM with her at a spin class at 4S Ranch LA Fitness. And Yes, I have directions.

Swimbikemom is one of my heroes.

Swimbikemom, aka Meredith, write a blog about her life as a triathlete. So why am I so impressed? Well, she has a FULL life and she still manages to get it done. She doesn't whine or give excuses why she can't do it. She manages to find a way. And a lot of us are like that. We manage. We manage our relationships. We manage our kids. We manage our work. But the hardest part is managing ourselves. Yep, that's my hard part.

Every day triathletes figure out a way to manage THEIR time to run, bike, swim, weight train (yes, Coach T. I am getting the lifting in). And it isn't easy. Some of us don't work, but some of us do. Some of us have kids, but some of us don't. Some of us have lots of responsibilities and some of us don't. Some of us have handicaps and some of us don't. But somehow, we (triathletes - and I am one) manage to juggle our lives to find the time and the way and the hours to train.

See you Thursday, Meredith.

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