Sunday, April 27, 2014


Ready can do a lot for a person.
It can entertain you.
It can educate you.
Reading can strengthen your vocabulary and make you smarter.
Reading can give you a break from reality.
Or it can help you win a whole bunch of great stuff!!!!
I ordered Ben Greenfield's new book Beyond Training.
Okay, so I ordered 10 of them, but I wanted to read one of and thought the rest would make great birthday presents/Christmas gifts for a lot of people I know....and if I bought 10 I would get a lot of cool stuff -


Okay, right there reading all that stuff shows that it was worthwhile to order 10 books. I get to read one and I get all those perks and my training friends are going to love the book and I liked supporting Ben.
Ben is on the Timex PRO team.
Ben is in the front row....the only guy in that row.
I am on the Timex Factory team.
Timex Factory Team
He is a pro!!!
I am a pion.
I have listened to his podcasts and he is a "geek" when it comes to wanting to know how things in our bodies work.
I like knowing how things work in my body and I can relate to some of the things he says.
One time he and his friend put out a video on how to take off a wetsuit fast. I have never laughed harder. Okay, maybe one time I did laugh harder, but it was when (oh, crap, I promised I would never repeat THAT story).
I think Ben and his friend video-taped it during a windstorm and you could hardly hear what was being said. But dang, that guy could get his wetsuit off fast.
Really, I have googled trying to find that video....and when I do, I am going to share it!
In the meantime, let me share this - I was shocked, thrilled and wowed when I got the email from Ben that I had won the First prize in his book raffle.
You know what that means?
It means that every one of the toilets in my house will now have a squatty potty.
I get one (from my book order) and won two so now I will have three!!!
But this is what I am really excited about.....I also won:
-X2Performance will reimburse your race fees for a year (up to $1000 for the year of 2014) and include their product and a care package of custom workout gear (if you don’t race, you can give this to someone you love)
- WellnessFX Performance Blood Testing Package
- 1 pair of Skora Minimalist Running Shoes
- Victory Belt Book Publishing pack – hard copy of “Becoming A Supple Leopard“, “Cholesterol Clarity“, “Fermented Probiotic Foods” and “Gather – Art Of Paleo Entertaining“)
- Blue Seventy Performance “Helix” Wetsuit
- 110% Flat Out Compression Sox
- 110% Overdrive Kit
- 110% Knickers
- 2 Bamboo Squatty Potties
- Zensorium Tinké
- 1 Cool Fat Burner vest (w/ ‘soft’ packs and extra set of hybrid packs)
- 1 Cool Gut Buster prototype (with ‘hybrid’ packs)
- Mt. Capra: Caprobiotics Advanced, CapraFlex, CapraCleanse Pro, DEEP2-30  (Coconut), Double Bonded Protein (Chocolate),  Solar Synergy, Capra Mineral Whey
- Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Kit
Some of the items I had to look up because I did not know what they were...yes, I totally know what the Bamboo Squatty Potty is now!!!
The Skora people already emailed me asking me if I wanted the pink or the yellow shoe....I'll blog all about it when I get it.
I am sure you know how ecstatic I am to win $1000 worth of race fees and a bunch of fabulous stuff from X2Performance. X2Performance is the official sports supplement of the 2014 Ironman U.S. series and is endorsed by 6-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott.
Dave Scott
So while I may LOVE a lot of you....I do race and I am keeping and using all the "care package" items they send me.
But I will be blogging about it, so you don't feel left out.
Truth - last week I was looking a triathlon magazine and lusting after a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit.
I have the same long sleeve wetsuit I started with several years ago and it was used when I got it. Since then it has had numerous rips and tears fixed in it. I did splurge and get myself a sleeveless wetsuit that I LOVE, but my longsleeve has seemed a little ratty and ragged and.....
Let's be honest...
Who wouldn't want a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit!
They rock and are cute!
Not sure what mine will look like, but I will blog about it when it shows up on my doorstep.
I love that I am getting 110% compression stuff and Cool Fat Burner/Gut Buster stuff.
My son Dion and I are going to have a great time using the Coot Fat Burner/Gut Buster stuff.
I had to google what a Zensorium Tinke is.
This is what I found out -
               Okay, so I am on my way to geekiness also.
I also won the Victory Belt Book Publishing pack – hard copy of “Becoming A Supple Leopard“, “Cholesterol Clarity“, “Fermented Probiotic Foods” and “Gather – Art Of Paleo Entertaining“.
I already have "Becoming a Supple Leopard". It has been one of my bibles as a personal fitness trainer.. I am looking forward to reading the other book.
As I am sure I have pointed out - Reading brings great rewards!!!
I left this for last.
This is a great prize.
But at first I was scared.
The WellnessFX Performance Blood Testing Package.
All I saw was BLOOD TESTING!!!!
What is that?
Is that a prize?
Who gives that as a prize?
Then I googled it.
The list of things they are going to check for with my blood is numerous.....But according to WellnessFX:Performance
If I want to take my health and performance to the next level, I need to equip myself with the right information. WellnessFX Performance builds on our Baseline assessment by adding biomarkers for performance hormones, advanced nutrients, and metabolism.
Okay, I can do that..
And I'll blog about it.
I guess now I just sit back and read Ben's book Beyond Training and wait for all my goodies to arrive.
Book review to come soon!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

GMR for the Ladies

A group of us rode up GMR today.
Three of them first timers.
All three of them made it to Mt. Baldy Village.
Two made it back down.
There is more math.
Seven cyclists started at the bottom.
Five made it to the top.
Four rode their bikes down to the car.
Three went down in the car.
We should have taken a picture in the parking lot before we started because it was about the only time we were all together except when we ate lunch at the Mt. Baldy Lodge.
We started pretty early and we started by cruising it up to the shack. Four of us (yes, more math) have the Wildflower Triathlon (one mountain bike, two Olympic Distance and one Long Course)  in two weeks, so we just wanted to do the miles and not blow ourselves up.
 Our goal was to ride the hills and keep our heart rate as low as possible.
I think that is an oxymoron.
We started up and it wasn't too long before we were all spaced out along the road.
Orietta and Linda were in the front with Shirley and me next, Tom and Jeanne, then Barb, and Robert.
 Barb and me (thanks to Linda for the pic)
Tom and Jeanne (thank you Linda for this pic) before Tom broke his chain.
My guy (love!!!!)....(and thank you Linda for this pic)
Shirley (thank you Linda for this pic)
Linda would turn around and ride down and check on everyone and I would stop and wait for Barb and Robert and then ride on.
I was near the front again riding with Shirley when a guy rode by and said, "Hey, you know that guy in the First American shorts?" I answer back, "Yeah...." and before I could even ask him anything he said..."Well, he broke his chain and he is going back, but the girl with him said she is riding on."
Jeanne riding with me after Tom broke his chain.
It turns out that as five sports cars went by them (I saw them a few minutes later and I counted them - you know, just doing the math - and the last one was a nice silver Porsche)) Tom stomped on the pedals to get over in front of Jeanne and to the side and while doing so his chain stuck, broke, and he fell over into a rock, crushing his derailer and making his bike unrideable.
I wasn't around but I can imagine the state Tom was in....
Jeanne was smart to ride on.
Glad you rode on with us, Jeanne!!!
Robert rode up to the scene and the MEN started to fix Tom's bike.
It was reported to me (by another cyclist) that the two of them were using a rock to hit the bike to try to break off the bent and broken pieces.
We are men and we use tools to fix things!!!
It was then that reality dawned on me.
I was riding up uP UP to the Village and I didn't have any money on me.
My money (my guy) was back down the mountain and he probably wasn't coming up. He would stay with Tom, which was the nice thing to do.
I rode on to the shack - about the half way point.
Barb riding to the shack!
Jeanne at the Shack
After 11 miles of climbing we are at the shack and we had a guy (not my guy, but a guy) take our picture and then after formalities were done I asked everyone how much money they had on them.
Yes, I had an agenda - I wanted to make sure I was going to be able to pay for my food at the Lodge.
I was hungry and I was going to be HUNGRIER in another 13 miles of climbing and my money guy was down the mountain with the broken chain guy.
Jeanne said she had $20 on her bike, because it was one of those things you are always suppose to have on your bike.
(Oh crap, I think I handed out that list one time).
Shirley left her purse at my house.
Barb had some money.
Linda had some money
Orietta had a credit card.
Thank God,
I could eat!!!
I text messaged my guy anyway....
"You want to drive up and buy me breakfast?"
Shorty after a little Lexus came up on us. We had just stopped because Jeanne was getting overheated and we were taking a little break on the side of the road. Orietta and Linda were up the road.
Tom does not look happy.

Robert does look happy!!!

We are happy and ready to keep riding...we have another 10 miles to the Mt. Baldy Village.
It was starting to get warm and every time I rode into the shade it gave me a small boost.
It really was a gorgeous day!
For some, it was a harder ride!
Barb has plopped down her money and is signed up for Silverman 70.3.
I think she will be riding GMR with more often with me.

I am having a great time and while it may look as if I am suffering, I am NOT...I just have not learned to take a picture of myself that truly represents my feelings.
This picture is another OXYMORON.
We got to the Mt. Baldy Lodge and my guy and Tom were already there and they had a nice table right next to the FIREPLACE!!!
Who needs a fireplace after a 23 mile uphill ride?
I was sweating and stinking and the last thing I wanted to sit next to was a fireplace.
I picked up every place setting and menu and moved it to another table.
UHMMMMM, that might have been a mistake because the waitress didn't realize we had moved and served other people before us....people who had sat at the FIREPLACE table.
We were hungry and we wanted FOOD!!!!
Eventually the food came and it was okay.
The service was not great, but the waitresses were swamped.
I got fed.
But I think I know what those crossed arms mean....
Poor Service
Food okay
Give me the check
Let's be on our way!
(Oh yeah, you get math and poetry in this blog)
The ladies made it to the top!!!!!
And after our breakfast we have the strength to lift our bikes over our heads...
Guess you can tell my weak side (the left - from the bent elbow....I have been working on that old injury).
Robert and Tom tucked Barb and her bike into the car and the rest of us rode uphill so we could ride downhill, with some uphill and then lots of downhill.
Jeanne riding downhill.
And more downhill.
I enjoyed all the wildflowers I rode by. I was going too fast for most of my pictures to look okay, but I rode by some Lupine, some monkey flower, lots of sages, mustard, and ceanothus. By now my biking buddies are use to me calling out the name of plants on our rides.
The ride down is fast, but still taxing to the body.
And before we knew it we were at the bottom...
and we got there by car....

 You, my friend are going up AND down GMR next time!!!
Or by bike.....
 Congratulations to Shirley (on left) and Jeanne (second from left) for your first time up GMR to the Village.
As always, my athlete Orietta is a rock-star.
Thank you to Linda who tortured herself and stayed near us the entire ride.
Thanks for the ride!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Train-n-Tri Kits and Such

I can exercise in anything.
I can race in almost anything.
My athletes have been wanting a Train-n-Tri kit to race in and I have been dragging my feet.
I didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy a kit. I know triathlon is expensive and if the choice came down to buying a kit with my logo on it or signing up for a race, well, I wanted my athletes to race.
Then someone told me that it wasn't my place to make the choice.
So I got put in my place and decided to let everyone make their own choice about whether they wanted to wear a Train-n-Tri kit or ?
So I looked into and is expensive to get a kit designed and made.
My first choice was to have Designs by Betty design my kit, but I don't happen to have an extra $1,500 laying around.
Looked at some other options and was starting to feel discouraged.
Then I found a company that gave me what I was looking for. I like the design and I can live with the price and the price of each piece is reasonable also.
If you want to order a kit with my logo on it - here is what it is going to look like.

The pictures are grainy, but you get the idea.
The tri singlet has a zipper in the front and a zip pocket in the back. The tri-short will have a fleece pad.
 You can also get bike jerseys, jackets, etc......
They would all have basically the same design, just tweaked some.
I am putting in the first order April 28. Each piece is $45 and then some tax.
If you are interested you can leave a message on this blog or on my FB page.
The kits take between 4 to 6 weeks.
Contact me.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Run Seal Beach PR

Don't get all excited.
While PR for an athlete usually means Personal Record, that is not what it meant for me today.
I ran the Run Seal Beach 10k this morning and my intention WAS to get a PR.
Right before the race when I thought I could PR. Last year I ran the 10k in 1:03:21. I thought I could shave 3-something minutes off of my time and run it in less than an hour.
I didn't.
Not only did I not PR, it took me longer to run it this year.
Why did it take me longer?
Because of my PR.
Yes, my Personal Revelation.
I knew I wasn't going to get a PR after five minutes of running.
 I was a sardine stuck in the middle of the can.

It was frustrating.
At mile 1, I looked down at my watch and it showed 10:28.
That time was NOT going to get me to my PR and I didn't see the crowds thinning anytime soon.

At 1 1/2 miles the 5kers made a U-turn and immediately there were less people sharing the road with me.

But by then my heart wasn't in it.

So I pulled over and waited for my guy, who I knew was behind me.
I waited and waited and waited and waited and after 10 minutes of waiting, I started running again.

I stopped again in front of my guy's work and waited again.

I waited about five minutes.
I could not guess where he was. I would jog slowly, then stop and look back searching for him, then sprint for about 30 seconds, then jog slowly again. I kept this up for the next couple of miles.
Sunny Skies and SunRype and San Gabriel River Trail in Seal Beach.
Once I got on the San Gabriel River Trail I didn't look back for Robert anymore. I only had about 1.5 miles to go and I was ready to be finished.
 Guess who was at the finish line waiting for me?
 Robert was at the finish line waiting for me.
Somehow he must have snuck by me while I was waiting for him on the side of the road. Or maybe he did see me and ran past really fast thinking if I saw him and ran with him, I would want to spend the miles "talking."
Photo: Run Seal Beach ..... Finishers!
My guy and me at the finish line.

There's always next year for a Personal Record at Run Seal Beach.

This year's time?
With all the standing on the side of the road waiting, I ended up with a time of 1:23:58.