Sunday, April 27, 2014


Ready can do a lot for a person.
It can entertain you.
It can educate you.
Reading can strengthen your vocabulary and make you smarter.
Reading can give you a break from reality.
Or it can help you win a whole bunch of great stuff!!!!
I ordered Ben Greenfield's new book Beyond Training.
Okay, so I ordered 10 of them, but I wanted to read one of and thought the rest would make great birthday presents/Christmas gifts for a lot of people I know....and if I bought 10 I would get a lot of cool stuff -


Okay, right there reading all that stuff shows that it was worthwhile to order 10 books. I get to read one and I get all those perks and my training friends are going to love the book and I liked supporting Ben.
Ben is on the Timex PRO team.
Ben is in the front row....the only guy in that row.
I am on the Timex Factory team.
Timex Factory Team
He is a pro!!!
I am a pion.
I have listened to his podcasts and he is a "geek" when it comes to wanting to know how things in our bodies work.
I like knowing how things work in my body and I can relate to some of the things he says.
One time he and his friend put out a video on how to take off a wetsuit fast. I have never laughed harder. Okay, maybe one time I did laugh harder, but it was when (oh, crap, I promised I would never repeat THAT story).
I think Ben and his friend video-taped it during a windstorm and you could hardly hear what was being said. But dang, that guy could get his wetsuit off fast.
Really, I have googled trying to find that video....and when I do, I am going to share it!
In the meantime, let me share this - I was shocked, thrilled and wowed when I got the email from Ben that I had won the First prize in his book raffle.
You know what that means?
It means that every one of the toilets in my house will now have a squatty potty.
I get one (from my book order) and won two so now I will have three!!!
But this is what I am really excited about.....I also won:
-X2Performance will reimburse your race fees for a year (up to $1000 for the year of 2014) and include their product and a care package of custom workout gear (if you don’t race, you can give this to someone you love)
- WellnessFX Performance Blood Testing Package
- 1 pair of Skora Minimalist Running Shoes
- Victory Belt Book Publishing pack – hard copy of “Becoming A Supple Leopard“, “Cholesterol Clarity“, “Fermented Probiotic Foods” and “Gather – Art Of Paleo Entertaining“)
- Blue Seventy Performance “Helix” Wetsuit
- 110% Flat Out Compression Sox
- 110% Overdrive Kit
- 110% Knickers
- 2 Bamboo Squatty Potties
- Zensorium Tinké
- 1 Cool Fat Burner vest (w/ ‘soft’ packs and extra set of hybrid packs)
- 1 Cool Gut Buster prototype (with ‘hybrid’ packs)
- Mt. Capra: Caprobiotics Advanced, CapraFlex, CapraCleanse Pro, DEEP2-30  (Coconut), Double Bonded Protein (Chocolate),  Solar Synergy, Capra Mineral Whey
- Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee Kit
Some of the items I had to look up because I did not know what they were...yes, I totally know what the Bamboo Squatty Potty is now!!!
The Skora people already emailed me asking me if I wanted the pink or the yellow shoe....I'll blog all about it when I get it.
I am sure you know how ecstatic I am to win $1000 worth of race fees and a bunch of fabulous stuff from X2Performance. X2Performance is the official sports supplement of the 2014 Ironman U.S. series and is endorsed by 6-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott.
Dave Scott
So while I may LOVE a lot of you....I do race and I am keeping and using all the "care package" items they send me.
But I will be blogging about it, so you don't feel left out.
Truth - last week I was looking a triathlon magazine and lusting after a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit.
I have the same long sleeve wetsuit I started with several years ago and it was used when I got it. Since then it has had numerous rips and tears fixed in it. I did splurge and get myself a sleeveless wetsuit that I LOVE, but my longsleeve has seemed a little ratty and ragged and.....
Let's be honest...
Who wouldn't want a Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit!
They rock and are cute!
Not sure what mine will look like, but I will blog about it when it shows up on my doorstep.
I love that I am getting 110% compression stuff and Cool Fat Burner/Gut Buster stuff.
My son Dion and I are going to have a great time using the Coot Fat Burner/Gut Buster stuff.
I had to google what a Zensorium Tinke is.
This is what I found out -
               Okay, so I am on my way to geekiness also.
I also won the Victory Belt Book Publishing pack – hard copy of “Becoming A Supple Leopard“, “Cholesterol Clarity“, “Fermented Probiotic Foods” and “Gather – Art Of Paleo Entertaining“.
I already have "Becoming a Supple Leopard". It has been one of my bibles as a personal fitness trainer.. I am looking forward to reading the other book.
As I am sure I have pointed out - Reading brings great rewards!!!
I left this for last.
This is a great prize.
But at first I was scared.
The WellnessFX Performance Blood Testing Package.
All I saw was BLOOD TESTING!!!!
What is that?
Is that a prize?
Who gives that as a prize?
Then I googled it.
The list of things they are going to check for with my blood is numerous.....But according to WellnessFX:Performance
If I want to take my health and performance to the next level, I need to equip myself with the right information. WellnessFX Performance builds on our Baseline assessment by adding biomarkers for performance hormones, advanced nutrients, and metabolism.
Okay, I can do that..
And I'll blog about it.
I guess now I just sit back and read Ben's book Beyond Training and wait for all my goodies to arrive.
Book review to come soon!


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