Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Run Seal Beach PR

Don't get all excited.
While PR for an athlete usually means Personal Record, that is not what it meant for me today.
I ran the Run Seal Beach 10k this morning and my intention WAS to get a PR.
Right before the race when I thought I could PR. Last year I ran the 10k in 1:03:21. I thought I could shave 3-something minutes off of my time and run it in less than an hour.
I didn't.
Not only did I not PR, it took me longer to run it this year.
Why did it take me longer?
Because of my PR.
Yes, my Personal Revelation.
I knew I wasn't going to get a PR after five minutes of running.
 I was a sardine stuck in the middle of the can.

It was frustrating.
At mile 1, I looked down at my watch and it showed 10:28.
That time was NOT going to get me to my PR and I didn't see the crowds thinning anytime soon.

At 1 1/2 miles the 5kers made a U-turn and immediately there were less people sharing the road with me.

But by then my heart wasn't in it.

So I pulled over and waited for my guy, who I knew was behind me.
I waited and waited and waited and waited and after 10 minutes of waiting, I started running again.

I stopped again in front of my guy's work and waited again.

I waited about five minutes.
I could not guess where he was. I would jog slowly, then stop and look back searching for him, then sprint for about 30 seconds, then jog slowly again. I kept this up for the next couple of miles.
Sunny Skies and SunRype and San Gabriel River Trail in Seal Beach.
Once I got on the San Gabriel River Trail I didn't look back for Robert anymore. I only had about 1.5 miles to go and I was ready to be finished.
 Guess who was at the finish line waiting for me?
 Robert was at the finish line waiting for me.
Somehow he must have snuck by me while I was waiting for him on the side of the road. Or maybe he did see me and ran past really fast thinking if I saw him and ran with him, I would want to spend the miles "talking."
Photo: Run Seal Beach ..... Finishers!
My guy and me at the finish line.

There's always next year for a Personal Record at Run Seal Beach.

This year's time?
With all the standing on the side of the road waiting, I ended up with a time of 1:23:58.



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