Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jumpers Knee

Jumpers Knee?
I got a third opinion this week and the verdict is in.
Jumpers Knee.
And I didn't even jump, I fell. So maybe it should be called Clumsy Jumpers Knee.

Jumper's Knee 2
But the Doc is all going to be okay.
As long as I keep stretching my quads and don't overdo my knee it will get better......

I got another opinion because the first doc said 4 to 6 weeks and it has been 7 weeks.
My right knee feels better than when I first hurt it by running into the fireplace bricks and falling onto my knees, but it doesn't feel well enough to run on.

This was my knee after I fell over the fireplace bricks. The first doctor told me I did patella tendon damage and no running or jumping so I wouldn't get Runner's Knee. Three weeks later, the second doctor said she agreed with the first doctor. Arggh.

No Running.

No Jumping.

I have followed doctors' orders.

I HAVE ridden my bike with a high cadence. I have swum numerous miles. I have spent too much time on the elliptical (BORING!!!!!!)

But I was missing the get-out-there and run feeling.
So a couple of weeks ago, Robert and I planned a hike up to Cucamonga Peak. There would be no running or jumping involved. Just walking 4,800 feet up to the peak and then 4,800 down to the parking lot for a total of 14.5 miles.

The hike up was gorgeous.

The hike down was great....until the last 2 miles.
My knee said, "NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Luckily, my guy is handy with duck tape.

This got me off the mountain. Robert was glad he didn't have to carry me.
The day after this hike, my knee felt fine. Well, as fine as it has been feeling.
I was a little worried about the Bridge to Nowhere hike this past weekend. But I taped it up with KT tape, instead of duck tape. There was some up and down, but no huge elevation changes.
Bridge to Nowhere 12 mile hike. Taped my knee BEFORE the hike.

My knee was stiff, but it didn't hurt.
I thought it was time for another check to make sure it was healing okay.
Third opinion - it wasn't my knee hitting the bricks that caused the problem, it was me FALLING on my knee AFTER I ran into the bricks.
Result? My kneecap jammed into the underlying cartilage and caused Jumpers Knee.

Whatever the docs call it, the outcome is basically the same.

Good news.....I am getting really good at taping my knee.

My son thought I needed another fashionable color besides black.

More good news!
While I can't run (insert frowny face) and I can't jump (insert a who cares face).....I logged more miles in July than any other month so far this year.

When I add up my swimming and biking miles for July, I traveled 603.575 miles....
I looked on the map and that's how far my house in Riverside, CA is from Redding, CA.

map of California cities

Thinking about things like this make me feel less bad about not being able to run.

Until I CAN run, I will just continue to Train (swim and bike)-n-Tri!

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