Monday, August 6, 2012

National Bike Challenge

I did it!!!!

Back in May I joined the National Bike Challenge and set my goal to ride 850 miles between May 1 and August 31.

This is my May 10 blog about National Bike Month and the National Bike Challenge:

It sounded like a lot of mileage when I set the goal. I looked at my mileage for 2011 and from the beginning of May to the end of August last year I rode my bike 825.8 miles. I was sure I could tack on another 25 miles for 850 miles.


I set my goal TOO low!

Since the beginning of May, I have ridden my bike(s) 1006.86 miles and I still have 4 weeks left in the challenge.

So far I've ridden 905.22 miles on my road bike and 101.64 miles on my mountain bike.


Thanks to the National Bike Challenge and the Tour de France Challenge, I was motivated to clip in and ride my bikes way more.

I love riding with a group.

Riverside Bicycle Club's Smog to Surf ride.....We've got some awesome ladies!!

And I love riding by myself.

Well, actually, I was NOT by myself in this pic. I was riding with my fabulous training friends from Triathlon Connection. Luckily, some people in my tri club can ride their bike REALLY fast and then stop and take pictures of the rest of us!

I especially like riding bikes with my guy.

Robert and me at Wildflower.

And now my son has caught the cycling bug.
Dion used his own $$$$ and bought himself a road bike. I hate to tell you, but his kit is something I picked up at a garage sale when he was in the 8th grade and he was cycling with friends. He even did the cycling portion of a triathlon with 2 of his friends back then and they came in 2nd. Seven years later and the kit still fits him.....but I think it is time he upgraded.
Uhm, think I can get him to compete in a triathlon? He is an awesome swimmer after swimming and playing water polo in high school. And he can outrun me. Maybe I should buy him some tri-shorts instead of bike shorts.

Photo: DeCarlo men pull me on the SART!
Now I have 2 DeCarlo men to cycle with.

My goal for next year's National Bike Challenge?
I think I'll just double this year's goal.

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