Sunday, August 26, 2012

You Can Be an Active Ambassador TOO!!!!

Here's your chance to get a shot at being an Active Ambassador.
Profile Picture
I recommend to ALL my triathlon, running and cycling friends - FILL OUT THE APPLICATION!!!!!!
Between NOW and September 20, you can go to Active Ambassadors and fill out a profile...create a profile on Active Ambassadors - Your profile must be 100% complete to be considered for an ambassadorship.

What can you get?????
Well, you can get picked up to be an ambassador for several teams.
(Marathon, GSeries, Polar, Sony, NB, Aquaphor, Gillete, Eating Right, Michelob Ultra, etc.)

Last year I was an Odwalla Ambassador.
I got a triathlon kit, a run kit, a jacket, visor and LOTS AND LOTS of Odwalla bars and coupons for drinks.

The best part of this sponsorship was I talked Odwalla into donating a great Native California Tree for the local elementary school. Plus my friends, training partners and my boys LOVED the bars...oh, and the clothes were pretty cute.

But Odwalla did NOT have a team for 2012 and I was sad.
The AWESOME part came when I was notified that I was picked up to be an AQUAPHOR Ambassador.
It has been wonderful.
Not only is the product fantastic.
The athletes are PHENOMENAL!!!
I mean, WOW!!!
Cover Photo
Look, we all know my motto is "Slow, but GO!!!"
But my fellow Aquaphor friends are SUPER DUPER FAST and GO!!!! I am amazed by them. And even though I am old(er) and slow(er), they are all so supportive and nice.
Then things got even better when one of the Aquaphor Athletes shared a tidbit about the Timex Factory Team, and the next think you know, I am on that, too!!! Woot-Woot!!!
Cover Photo

Photo: Times Factory Team - now just waiting on clothes.

Okay, the main point of this is that all this goodness can be YOURS too!!!!
Again, go to the Active Ambassador site and fill out the profile 100 Percent.

When it the profile question asks "HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ACTIVE AMBASSADORS?" type in my name:

Kandi DeCarlo

Come on friends, Active Ambassadors is LOOKING for new athletes to put on some new teams and they want people who are cyclists, runners and triathletes.......and they are looking for friends of people who are ALREADY Ambassadors!!!

Go online now and do it......


  1. Hi, wondering what your experience was like with Timex? I was also accepted onto the factory team but I'm wondering if they accept everyone? or if they are a bit more selective? I don't want to pay $100 for nothing...would love to hear your opinion!

  2. The first year I was on the Timex Factory team I did not have to pay anything. The second year I did, but I got a lot of stuff (worth way more than my $100). This year I have not been asked to pay....So maybe it is just first year that is being asked to pay. If you want some Timex gear and you are going to get it anyway it is probably worth it. Sorry it took me so long to reply - Christmas and training - YIKES!!!