Monday, September 3, 2012

Yes, I am 50+ but Still Want to Learn

I am 52 years old!
I am a finalist in the Impowerage 50+ Scholarship Contest.
This is NOT me!
This is me! Well, I guess there are similarities between me and the woman above. We both put our hats on crooked. We both wear glasses. We both have short blond hair. There are differences though. She has managed to learn how to smile with teeth. When I smile with teeth I look like I am going to bite someone. And here is another difference - she doesn't need any votes. I DO!!!!
There are a few more hours left today for EVERYONE to vote. I want to win, but I need your help to do it!!
To vote log into facebook, search for impowerage, like it (even if you aren't 50+ just like it, darn it, so you can can always go back and unlike it), go to the scholarship voting tab, and then vote for me.
I am putting a link here and I hope it works.!/Impowerage/app_215959978533507

If you don't have facebook, you can still vote: go to and click on the "in the news: 50+ scholarship finalist"...then put in your first name and email and vote for me.

This link may work:

Fitness articles for baby-boomers, 50+, seniors

And we need to exercise our minds, as well as our bodies!
That's what I want to do with this scholarship - use the money to study (thus, using my mind) to get my certificate in nutrition to help my clients, not only work out physically, but nutritionally also.
Thanks for your vote!!!
Now go online right NOW and vote for me!!!!

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