Saturday, September 8, 2012

TriRock - Day Before

One year ago I blogged about racing my first TriRock San Diego.
I had to force myself NOT to look at that blog.
(I just copied and pasted it...I did NOT read it, but for your amusement, go right ahead).
This year's TriRock is going to be different from last year's.
This year I am competing in the Intermediate (kind of an Olympic Distance, but a little different distances) Triathlon. I will swim 1500 meters, bike 21 miles and run 6 miles.
Last year I did the sprint, so there is no comparing the two.
But I am comparing because last year I looked at the water view from my room and I hyperventilated.
This year I looked at the water view from my room and said, "Ah, that doesn't look so far."
Photo: View from my room....where I am swimming tomorrow!
Far is relative. Last year far was 500 meters and 13 minutes. Then earlier this year I did my first International Distance and far was .9 miles and 45 minutes of swimming (yeah, I am a slow swimmer). Now far is 2 miles and 1 hour 35ish minutes of swimming. My goal is to have my far be 3 miles.
So tomorrow's swim is not far and not long and I am sure it will take me less than 1 hour.
The rest of the race is a piece of cake.
I know that this is really not a piece of cake. It is a piece of tiramasu, which is my favorite and it is not EASY to make, but it is worth it! In my opinion, if you find a REALLY good piece of tiramasu it is better than a piece of cake. And if you do find a really good piece, please email me and let me know. I am in a worldly search for the BEST piece of tiramasu.
 The rest of  the race will be EASY because I will be out of the water and in air. I can breath whenever I want and I can see where I am going at all times during the bike and run because my face won't be in water.
Best part is that all my Triathlon Connection friends will be waiting at the finish line for me.
 How do I know they will be waiting?
Photo: Now we have 2 bottles hanging on the ceiling (2011 and 2012). Here's to TC and a fun triathlon
Dinner at Filipi's with my TC friends.
Everyone around the table made a prediction of how long they thought it will take them to finish the 1500 meter swim, the 21 mile bike and the 6 mile swim.
My prediction was the longest time. I said I would be happy if I COULD finish in 3 hours or less. I would be ecstatic. I would be jumping up and down for joy.
But no matter what, I WILL finish.

See you at the finish line!

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