Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm the Winner! announced the winner of it's 50+ scholarship contest today.

The winner was ME!
Yeah for me....I won $400 to get smarter. had a contest for people more than 50 years old to win a scholarship to further their dreams and goals.
click above if you want to see what I saw when I first entered.
I read the info. and thought, hell yes, there is always something new to learn and they will give me some money to do I filled out the application and 
(the big blank space denotes nothingness)
But I did see that my fellow Aquaphor athlete, Steve, was a finalist in the contest, so I voted for him. And the next day I voted for him and the next day I voted for him and the next day I voted for him.......
and then I looked in my SPAM
Thank goodness, I did NOT delete the SPAM....I actually read this one and it was from and it said I was a finalist.
I mean, voting had been going on for a good week and a half and YIKES, I had a lot of making up to do. I emailed right back and said, YES, I want in on the contest and a few minutes later, my name was in there with all the other 50+ age so deserving people who have hopes and dreams.
Yeah, this looks good, but this was not my TRIPOWER.....

I blogged about my being a finalist on my train-n-tri blog.

(This was my most read blog ever)

I posted my blog....and then TriPower took over.
This was my TRIPOWER:
and sorry if you don't like the pictures, but they are the best I could do lifting off of facebook......I guess now I will owe some of you DOUBLE drinks for pushing me to the finish line!!!!!
However, you only have 3 minutes to email me about NOT liking your picture to get the drink...exceptions are Rory, Paul and David.
LOTS of these people voted for me. They are from my triathlon club. Thank you TC for putting that finger to the computer and pushing ENTER on my name.
Rory Patrick Sandoval
This guy was vicious in getting me votes.
 Rory, without you, I don't think I would have even gotten out of transition to make it to the finish line. I would have still been standing around trying to peel my wetsuit off, or sitting on my ass eating a PBJ to get my brain unfussy to make it out to the run.
You are so tenacious that I am scared to go on a bike ride with you. Do you carry a whip with you when you ride?
My gratitude to you for rallying your troops to vote for me.
Paul Halliday
Paul, you jumped on the Rory bandwagon and then played tag-team with everyone you know on the planet EARTH. You had my head spinning with all your facebook "vote or I will hunt you down" mentality.
Paul, YOU ROCK...
(do you carry a whip also?)
Rory and Paul - when I run for a political office, I am hiring you two to run my campaign..I will be sure to win with the two of you behind me.
I am not posting David's FB picture because it shows his entire family and I don't have permission to do that.
(though read to the end to vote for David's son to be the Gerber baby....)
David went beyond the call of reasonableness and decided to have multiple personalities to help me win the voting contest.
(FYI David - I've got your back)
Thank you to all my friends in the Riverside Bicycle Club who voted for me.
(okay so a lot of your don't tri...but you are one part of it and thank you for always being there when I need a bike ride).
Thank you to all my fellow GOTRIbal friends who voted for me...(THANKS Tanya and Wendy)
Thanks to my friends in my "spiritual book club"...I swear I was always POSITIVE that I was going to win!!!
And thank you SO MUCH to my family....
good thing I married into an Italian family and they all have computers....
Special thanks to my guy who cajoled (browbeat, threatened, paid-off) guys at his work to vote for me.
He did his part!
The last day of voting was a ball-breaker.
I put my "please vote for me" on facebook and walked away, but Rory and Paul did more than that...I think they sat in front of their computers for hours and watched the voting, either that or they are really great at riding bikes, and running and swimming while pushing buttons on their iPhone.
Then voting was closed.
And the announcement of who won would not be made for tooooooo many days!

So I had to just fill my time up with swimmingThis is not me, but I want it to be...she had great HIGH elbows, though she could have the top of her head a little more in the water.


Nooooo...any kind of biking but this, PLEASE.....
This is my last resort biking, like if it is hailing with thunder.

 (no images...let's just get on with it)
I really wanted to win. Not just for me, but for all the people that put in so much time and effort to vote for me. I really appreciated it and I didn't want to let anybody down. Every night when I went to bed I would visualize ME winning.
Today I received the email that I had won. wanted a statement from me about winning and asked me not to let the cat out of the bat until they had announced the winner.

Well, I did tell my guy, and my kids, and my mom.....but I did NOT post anything until after the announcement.
But, RORY beat me to it...LOL.
He had a congratulations post on my facebook about one second after the announcement was made...

Congratulations Kandi DeCarlo :-}

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That's why I am picking Rory to run my next campaign and to kick my ass up GMR...he just doesn't down it yet.

Here is my OFFICIAL statement: (in case you don't want to read the page) -

Everyone who entered the Impowerage 50+ Scholarship Contest is a winner because all of them have goals and dreams and want to continue to grow as people. Just because a person hits a certain age, in my case, 52, does not make them old. What makes a person old is when they no longer have a zest for learning or being active. I really appreciate the opportunity from Impowerage to continue my learning about nutrition and fitness. I am going to continue to help people stay young, no matter what their age."
Okay, but just have to say this to my fellow Aquaphor athlete..

I am voting for Steve NEXT year!!!

What are you going to do to stay young and fit (mentally and physically?)
Start with this:

Click on the above link and vote.....
I know the power of friends and voting.
It is awesome POWER....Do it NOW!
Thank you to all my friends!

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