Sunday, September 23, 2012

Live, Love and Tri

I had a busy week!
Monday through Friday I got all my training in....AMAZING!
This looks like scary gibberish, but it keeps me on track.
The jest of this is -Sunday: bike ride 51 miles
Monday: life weights for an hour 
Tuesday: elliptical 45 minutes (like running, but saving my knees)
swim 1500 yards
bike 17.04 miles
(hey, that's a triathlon, but spread throughout the entire it should be called a triathlong)
Wednesday: lift for 1 1/2 hours
swim 1600 yards
Thursday: Bike 20 miles and run 2.5 miles
Friday open water swim .8 miles and run 4 miles
Saturday - I took the day off from training (yep, I ditched the the 50 mile bike ride and 5 mile run) and helped my son with schoolwork. Then I went to my coach's WEDDING.
Sinta and (Coach)Tony
These two may look like newlyweds, but don't be fooled.
They are IRONMEN!!!!
Between these two beautiful people they have thousands of miles on them. Tony has done more than 20 Ironmen and Sinta has done lots (she can do an Ironman in 12 hour, something). So, thousands of miles swimming, biking, running, plus all the hours and miles of training.
And they like dogs!
They are perfect for each other!!
Sinta Tan
(FYI - my coach took issue with how LARGE they made him in the wedding topper - and it was funny because he is RACE thin...I mean, RACE ready!!!) 
During the wedding ceremony Saturday afternoon, there was only one time people attending the wedding snickered.
We snickered because we heard the word TRANSITION.
"blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, in the TRANSITION of your life, blah, blah, blah, blah"

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but when I heard that (blah, blah TRANSITION, etc), my mind went to the time I was in T1 trying to get out of my wetsuit and I was so cold that I was shivering and my brain was dead..and I had to mentally bitch-slap me to get me going and get my wetsuit off and then I was colder and shivering more and I couldn't decide if I wanted to just huddle over in the corner and warm up or throw on some arm warmers or a parka. Deep down under the cold, I knew the best thing to do was just put on my bike helmet and get my ass out of T1.
And that's what I did.

That's not transition pad is yellow and I have WAY more stuff on it...but I never have time to take pictures. Also my feet aren't that big and I wear a TIMEX watch.

So maybe Sinta and Tony thought it was just time to get their asses out of T1 and into married life.

And they lived Happily Ever After....


How could you go wrong with Live, Love & Tri?

Congratulations Sinta and Tony.

Okay, now back to me.

So, I was thinking about the Live, Love & Tri thing and as many of you know, I have been married for 26 years and my guy "TRIed" before me...and I have done some sprint Tris without him, but we try (lol- I love this word) to do stuff together.

Robert got me through the swim and bike at my first Olympic Distance....and then I got him through the run.

But at the our last Olympic Distance (which we did NOT do together) he whooped my time by a good 20 minutes....yes...20 MINUTES.
Robert is an awesome swimmer and a strong biker.
He sucks at transitions - love you, babe, but you SUCK at transitions.....

So the other day I was out running my favorite Victoria Avenue and....

...I ran into a couple of friends. We talked about what we were doing and one of them asked about my next race, SOMA - a half ironman distance, and whether I was going to run my own race, or if Robert and I were going to do it together.
I said, "I am running my race."

Really, it is to Robert's advantage if we both did our own race. But I started thinking about it and I thought maybe I should ask him how he feels about the race and what he wants to do.

So I did asked him.

I said, "Honey, do you want to do SOMA together or just race your own race?
He said....

So, in 4 weeks Robert and  I will be doing our first 70.3 miles TOGETHER!

Uhm, at this rate, I may be able to get him to do an Ironman with long as we are together!

Live, Love & Tri

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