Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm Allergic, TOO!!!

Olympic Weightlifter Holly Mangold got dropped from "The Biggest Loser" on the last episode because she didn't lose enough weight.
She blamed it on her allergy.
I have the same allergy
"I think I realized that my body might be allergic to running," she said after being booted from the competition.

During her 7-week stint on the show, Mangold did drop 90 pounds - That's almost 13 pounds a week.
But the last week she only dropped 3 pounds and she was eliminated.
According to reports, her last days of exercising were hard ones running on the treadmill.
I guess she didn't like it because she said she found the solution to her so-called "allergy" and stopped running.
I can relate.
Though I didn't stop running.
I just stopped running on the treadmill.
I'll run outside anytime - cold, hot, raining, dark.
Just please, please don't make me run on the dreadmill.

She said she hasn't stop working on her weight-loss goal.
Here's my advice to Mangold - get your friends and go for a hike, then go on a trail run, then go on a bike ride, then a swim, and then go play some tennis, or swing on the swings at the playground and play on the monkey bars, then take your friends and go paddle-boarding, and running on the beach, then skate on the boardwalk, then fill in the blank for what sounds like fun and is active.
But stay off the DREADMILL!!!
Exercise should be a fun and lifestyle, not a chore.
Good Luck, Holly!

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