Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Today was Black Friday.
I admit I shopped.
I shopped from the comfort of my own home, in my own chair and at my own computer.
I didn't deal with traffic....
or hordes of people shopping....
 or even deciding what I should wear.....

Oh, who am I kidding, what I was wearing would probably not have changed.....

If I had gone to the mall I probably still would have worn workout clothes.

But I didn't go to the mall.
I stayed at home in my workout clothes.
I shopped for a couple of hours and FINISHED all my Christmas shopping.


Thank you TRX for having a 30 percent off sale on your pro kits.
Thank you Tri-Series for having a 40 percent off sale on your triathlon events.
Thank you Xterra for having a sale on your Snow Valley killer mountain bike triathlon.
Thank you Sock-Guy for being one of my sponsors and having a great sale on bike socks.
Thank you Reflect Sports for your 40 percent off sale on hair products and Hooha Ride Glide.

Thank you and Ebay for having a lot of items I wanted to buy (not just for me, but for others) for a great price with free shipping!!!

I saved so much time shopping online that I still had time to get my run in.

Nice run up Mt. Rubidoux with my guy and Willie (the dog).

Now if I could just get my guy to get down the Christmas stuff from the rafters in the garage, I would almost have Christmas under control.

That's tomorrow's workout.


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