Thursday, November 7, 2013


It's November.
The month to think about all the people, events and things one is grateful for.
My list could be LONG!
And I may add on to it during the month....
but here is my start of my November "grateful" list:
  • Robert, my husband and best friend. Since the moment I met him in January of 1985 he has been my sidekick in adventure and growth. He always has my back and supports me in all my "crazy" endeavors. He NEVER tells me I am silly for wanting to try new things and grow. He is ALWAYS happy for me when new opportunities come along for me, even if the mean that it may be inconvenient for him (as in he has to do more laundry or dishes or ????). Our family has had great happiness and great sorrow and Robert is always the steady one when I freak out about things. He grounds me.
  • I can talk him into anything!!!!
  • My kids - Danielle, Dion and Darin. They are work and they are happiness. They are quirky and they are smart and they ALWAYS keep me on my toes. They have been the lightest part of my life and the darkest part of my life. They are definitely the YING/YANG of my family. I have seen parts of this world I would NEVER have seen without them. They keep taking me on physical, mental and spirit journeys and they have helped me become the mom and person I am.  

    • Robert, me, my boys Dion and Darin and my daughter Danielle.
  • My friends - the list is long and I am not listing it..but I hope you know who you are. You are the ones who have ALWAYS been supportive and uplifting. You laugh with me and cry with me and you never say anything behind my back that you would not say to my face. You trust your kids and husband with me and I trust my kids and husband with you. You are my friend because you DON'T compete with me because you know that would be ridiculous as we are different. We are friends because we LOVE the strongest in each other and don't feel threatened by it. And I always know if I show up on your doorstep in need you'll take me in and not ask questions. My friends Rock!!!!!
  • My sister. Enough said. She is my sister. (see picture below)
  • I am grateful for my mom and her husband Jim. My mom has taught me a lot about being spiritual and trusting my instincts and not settling for less than is the best for me. She isn't a touchy-feely mom, and I can't remember her ever really baking or cleaning the house, so she isn't that kind of mom, but she is a "find your dream" kind of mom and she lives it. My mom taught me how to search for white-sage and dry it and smug my if I could just get her to lift weights she would almost be perfect...though luckily for me, she taught me that no one needs to be be happy.
My sister, my mom and me.
I am grateful that my mom found Jim. He has been a God Sent in being her friend and partner!

  • I am extremely grateful for all my sponsors. Not just for the fabulous STUFF they have sent my way, but for the fabulous PEOPLE they have hooked me up with. I have made some wonderful on-line and in-person friends through my sponsors that I would never had met otherwise. I am grateful to ActiveAmbassadors for hooking me up with Aquaphor and SunRype. Aquaphor and SunRype are wonderful products I use and since they sponsor me I can share all their "wonderfulness" with my family, friends, clients and training friends.        and  Love both!!!!
  • In the past couple of weeks I have been blessed with some new connections and sponsorships...... because I am a member of California Triathlon I have been asked to be the speaker at the Triathlon 101 at the local Sports Chalet. California Triathlon even sent me a box of goodies to give out to those peeps that attend the event. ..........Then yesterday I found out that I was picked to be one of the six Whooha Ambassadors....Women Having Optimistic Objectives and Healthy Attitudes.
I am so grateful and I TOTALLY believe in their mission statement.
  • I am also grateful to be a part of the Timex Factory  Team 
  • and I am grateful to Swirlgear and SPY for their support.
Every morning I wake up and give thanks that I am alive to live another day of fun, friends, fitness and fulfillment! This November (and every month) I urge you to wake up every morning and find something to be grateful for! There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!!!

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