Thursday, November 14, 2013

USAT National Challenge Competition

Just when you thought it was time to hang up the goggles, park the bike and stash the running shoes and give yourself a recovery break from triathlon......
Club sign ups opened up November 1 and the challenge starts December 1. The challenge competition lasts three months.
All swim, bike, run miles count in the challenge, but each month has a different emphasis.
 focuses on swimming.
First team to log 500 swim miles gets a certificate.
 focuses on biking and the first team to log 7,500 is the winner.
 focuses on running.
First team to 2,500 miles in February is the winner.
Clubs compete against each other based on how many people are on the club rooster. To be able to compete on your club's team you have to be a member of the club AND USAT

There are lots of rules, but really it is all for fun!
Click on the above link if you want to read all the rules.
The USA Triathlon National Challenge Competition is an off-season competition between USAT member clubs across the United States. Clubs have been swimming, running and biking against each other during December, January and February since the challenge started in 2006.
And you can win stuff!!
I've signed my club up.
Last year we did pretty good!
This year we are going to do better!!
On your mark, get set.....

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