Monday, March 4, 2013

USA Triathlon's National Club Challenge Results

I didn't win the women's 50-54 age group at the USA Triathlon National Club Challenge.
The good news is that I did come in less than my age.
My Triathlon Connection Team did great.
We had 37 people on our team.
Out of the 121 teams taking part in the online competition, my TC team came in 35th place.
In the Southwest Region, the TC team came in 4th place. Triathlon Club of S an Diego's Team 1, 2 and 3 took the first 3 spots.
Altogether we swam 5,747.5 miles; biked 15,276.14 miles and ran 11,378.06 miles.
That's a whopping 32,401.7 miles.
That's like going around the world and then another 9,000 miles
Of the 37 people on my team, 12 of them logged more than 1000 swim/bike/run miles during the 3 months of competition.
Congratulations to Jaymi Abusham 1,588.63 miles; Liz Barcelo 1,135.7 miles; me 1,025.2 miles; Alan Dionson 1,725.22 miles; Simon Horton 1,864.95 miles: Joseph Pendleton 1,096.4 miles; Rusty Robertson 3,464.2 miles; Jim Schiller 2,948.37 miles; Sinta Tan (Trocolli) 1,650.97 miles; Tony Trocolli 1,931.99 miles; Jayson Villaflor 1,177.57 miles; and Barbara Weber 1,265.8 miles.
We had two team members who snagged a spot in the top ten in their age group. Congratulations to Gabrielle Niko for placing 7th in the women under 15 category. Congratulations to Rusty Robertson who placed 6th in the men 50-54 division.
Okay, I know you are just dying to know what place I came in. In the women's 50-54 category, I came in my race age minus 5.

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