Friday, March 29, 2013

Charity Miles - Donate Without Opening Your Wallet

Charity Miles
You put in the miles and earn money for a charity.
How it works:
Get the free Charity Miles app for your iPhone or an Android.
Turn on the app whenever you go out for a run, walk, or bike.
You turn it on and pick your charity from the list.
Sometimes I forget to turn it on before I start to run or bike, but I am getting better at remembering. Sometimes I remember in the middle of my run.
Sometimes I accidentally turn it off when I put it in my run pack. But I figure any miles I get in are better than no miles.
And this is why.
For every mile I bike I earn 10 cents towards the charity I pick and for every mile I walk or run I earn 25 cent a mile.
Charity miles has an initial $1 million sponsorship pool.
I haven't quite figured out who all the sponsors are.
I was urged to sign up for Charity Miles by SunRype. SunRype is my new ActiveAmbassador sponsor.
When I get done running or biking, I press a few buttons and Charity Miles tells miles me how far I have gone.
For this month, if I had remembered to turn on the app every time I ran or biked, I would have raised $40 for a charity.
I mostly pick Wounded Warrior Project for my charity.
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 But one day I picked the Nature Conservancy because it was World Water Day.
Here's a list of all the charities you could be running and biking for:

      * Achilles International
* Autism Speaks
... *
* Every Mother Counts
* Feeding America
* Girl Up
* Habitat for Humanity
* Ironman Foundation
* Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
* Nothing But Nets
* Partnership For a Healthier America
* Pencils of Promise
* Shot@Life
* Stand Up to Cancer
* The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
* The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
* The Nature Conservancy
* The World Food Programme
* Wounded Warrior Project



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