Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fever

Where did the days go?

I looked at my blog and it has been a week since I've sat down and even thought about blogging.
Blog ideas hit me several times a day, but I just haven't sat down to actually blog.

I've had a hard time sitting in a chair the past couple of weeks.
It is just too beautiful outside to sit inside on a chair in front of my computer and blog.
And for the past few weeks when I do force myself to sit down in front of my computer, I have been busy working on my USA Triathlon Coach Level 1 test....77 multiple choice questions, 10 essay questions and 2 training plans for different types of triathletes.
Completion of the test has been time consuming.
But I am just 2 questions away from being DONE.
I have a big GREEN check mark on my calendar for the day I have planned to have the test completed.
And then I'll blog about that.
I also have not blogged much in the past couple of weeks because I have been
Good busy
Fun busy
Friend busy.
In the past few weeks I blogged about my first triathlon of the year and then I blogged about the USAT's National Club Challenge and then NOTHING!!!! 
I got busy with work (good) and went out of town for a few days to ride bikes with friends in Solvang (fun and friends).

 The ride was great, but the fun time at the house we rented was even BETTER!
Photo: Front of our house near Solvang

The house was gorgeous and cozy and surrounded by vineyards and horse pastures.

Photo: Made it to Solvang! Love the house we rented, so pretty...    @clinderman ❤❤❤

The best part was the girl friends....
and my guy Robert and Jamie's guy Gordon, because it always is nice to have men along to fix flat tires and dropped chains, open hard to open jars and barbeque.
Yeah, we can do all those things ourselves, I am just saying it is NICE to have a guy along to do it.

I've also been enjoying the extra hours of sunshine and working in my backyard.
Keeping i...

Somehow when I was not looking during the fall and winter, weeds sprouted up and took over.
I am in a war to eradicate weeks in my backyard.
I am not even going to humiliate myself by taking a picture of the horrible shape of my garden and patio and pool area and backyard.  I'll just wait until it is finished and then take pretty pictures and blog about that.

I've also been riding my motorcycle around the block. I have my permit and I am signed up for the official California Highway Patrol class at the end of the month.
When I finish and class and have my motorcycle license in hand, I'll blog about that.

Here is something I'll include for today's blog....and it makes me laugh that I am willing to post this picture of my knee when it shows I obviously need to shave my leg, but I don't won't to post a picture of my weedy backyard.

My new bruise.
This bruise is on my left knee and thankfully not on my laundry-injury prone right knee.
Just in case you want to read or reread about my laundry injury:
 My left knee incident happened last night during Triathlon Connection's Riverside ride.
Photo: Riverside TC ready to ride!
Triathlon Connection's Riverside Ride/Run Brick.
We'd gone about 13 miles (yes, really, I am not making this up. It really was about at mile 13) when we came to an intersection with a 3-way stop. A car was stopped and a few of the riders had already gone through the intersection. I thought the car was going to STAY stopped for the rest of our train. It didn't happen that way and I had to slam on my brakes.
This was the first time I have ever had to slam on Hector's brakes....never mind this was only the third time I have ever ridden Hector.
I must have squeezed the front brakes harder than the back brakes because I did a front wheelie.
This is not me, but you get the idea. I think my back wheel came higher off the ground. At least it felt as if it did.

I was able to unclip while in the front wheelie position and get my left foot down on the ground before falling over. My battery pack for my light, which was strapped onto the top tube, hit my knee and my back wheel came all the way off. Hector looked as if he had been in a big accident, even though I never let him hit the ground.
My guy came up and put my back wheel back on.
(I could have done it, but it is always nice to have a guy around to do these things.)

As soon as I got home I put ice on my knee and I watched as the rest of the group took off for the run part of the evening's brick.

Again, not me, but you get the idea.

Today the knee doesn't feel too bad. But my neck and shoulders feel as if I was in a fender bender and have whiplash. I need more training if I am going to be doing stunts on our bike rides.

I have an appointment with Dr. Pete, my ART Chiropractor, in a few hours.
Thank goodness my training plan called for a day off today....because I took one.
Maybe that's why I had time to blog.

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