Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kona 2013 Championships on TV

I watched the Kona 2013 Triathlon Championships on TV tonight.
I already knew the outcome of everything they showed.
I really wanted to see the other people...not the pros, not the celebrities....
I wanted to see the "ME" people.
I loved the show because it was TRIATHLON.
But I was disappointed.
Somebody is already selling their shirt on eBay.
Maybe they were disappointed also.
Look, the race took place in October...
it's now November.....
I know who won the pro divisions...
I know that Hines Ward and Gordon Ramsey, the "celebrities" finished...
I know that Harriet Anderson finished for her 21st time.
I wanted to hear about all the other stories of the people like "ME" who were there and finished.
Last weekend I sat in a hotel room in Lake Havasu with my athletes Orietta and Jeanne and we grilled fellow Triathlon Connection member Rusty Robertson about his Kona experience.
This was Rusty winning first place in his age group at Lake Havasu.
I am his supplier (I give him free samples) of Aquaphor and he brought back this great visor for me from Kona.
Thank you Rusty!!!
I told him I would be happy going to Kona to do the Underpants Race!!!
Well, I will have to eat carrots and celery for a couple of weeks and plank for 36 hours straight to get ready, but I am up for that challenge.Sue, Rusty and Sandy at Underpants Race 2013.
If Rusty can wear yellow underpants, I can wear my underwear in public, too!
Look, I haven't done an Ironman yet!
I have done two half iron distances and I have Coeur d'Alene 2015 calendared for my first full...
but during our talk/grilling session Rusty said go for the Lottery....
Rusty came in at Kona in less than 10 hours...
Tonight after watching the Kona 2013 Ironman Championships on TV I lost my mind and....
I did....(lose my mind)
put my name in the lottery....(yikes)
because I feel as if I could do it I. (truth - I had a glass of wine).
Harriet Anderson finished in less than 17 hours at Kona this year and if Harriet can finish, then I think I can finish.
I ran the Vineman 70.3 run with Harriet and had a fabulous time talking to her and learning a lot from her.
Harriet and me running together at Vineman 70.3.
So I took Rusty's advice and I plopped down some $ tonight and put my name in the lottery.
And if you know me....I win a lot!!
I am starting my training tomorrow!!!

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