Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bike the Coast

I was the Grand Prize Winner of the Bike The Coast's Beach Biking Weekend drawing.
Being picked was really exciting, and luckily, the nice people at Bike the Coast let me delay a lot of my winnings until later because I had already signed Robert and I up to bike and we already had hotel reservations.
So we will be riding the Bike The Coast ride again next year.
I can only hope that next year's ride is as great as this year's.
We had a great room at the Oceanside Marina Suites.

View from our room.

We took a bottle of wine and some friends down the rocks (a short walk from our room) and watched the sun go down.



It was so beautiful!
On the way back to our room, I stumbled upon a party and I decided just to join in. They were tequila tasting. I haven't had tequila for a long time because best I can remember (as in drink tequila, can't remember) - last time I had tequila I slept on the bathroom floor.
But what harm can one shot do?

 One of the tequilas they were tasting was Coconut Tequila, so I tried it - I mean, coconut oil is good for you and so is coconut water, so Coconut Tequila should be good, too. Well, that was my reasoning and I am sticking to it.
Truth - I don't know any of these people, but they were really nice...and though the picture doesn't show it, it was four couples. I don't know why the photo makes it look as if it was just men.
Really I only had one shot!
We were meeting friends for dinner in Carlsbad and we (as in Tom, Jeanne, Robert and I) were real grownup and decided it probably wasn't a good idea for any of us to drive, so we got a taxi.
 Smart choice, especially since I had a glass of wine at dinner.
Wine + tequila shot + wine = I slept really well.
This was my view when I woke up and went out my front door to haul my stuff to the car.

It was pretty, but windy!
We found everyone down by the pier and waited our turn to start the ride.
It was a bit chilly, but quickly warmed up and by the first SAG we had lost our jackets.

Veronica, me, Carolyn and Barbara. Everyone else was at the bathrooms (aka porta potties) or grabbing snacks.
This is how I was feeling about my day!

I did wish I had worn my gopro. I am NOT very good at taking pictures while I am riding...
That's my blue and while helmet and my friend Jeanne is to the right in the picture. Sorry Jeanne, I didn't get your face. Next year, I'll bring my gopro.
I did get a picture of Jeanne going up a hill.
Last SAG stop and we took another picture. This time my guy was in it.
Robert, me, Barbara, Tom and Jeanne
The nice lady taking our picture said I was in the shadow and she made me move.
Then she retook this picture:


Can you find the photo bomber?
(clue - look to the left of Robert's shoulder)
So last year Tom, Jeanne, Robert and I rode the 25 mile Bike the Coast on our mountain bikes.....
Robert and I joked that next year we should use the two free bike rentals from Wheel Fun Rentals that I won as part of the grand prize and ride the 50-miles (from the free entries I won) on beach cruisers.
Or better yet....
Tandem bike cruiser!
Whatever we ride next year, do you think Robert will wear a different shirt?

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