Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011

It was hot today.  Robert and I went on a bike ride - hot and windy! I love riding down Victoria Avenue, making a u-ey at Van Buren and riding right back up on the other side - a nice 12 mile ride.  I love how Robert rides in back of me, letting me set the pace. Today I needed a slow pace.  I am getting over a sore throat and a cold, though I think it may be allergies. But still I needed to do something today besides sit on my butt and write.  I have 252 pages written, edited, done. Tomorrow is my rest day before the Grape Stomp Tri on Saturday.  It will be a little strange competing without any of my "best" friends or Robert, who will be working.  But I will have my TRI club and my new bike/tri friend...and I thought about it and if no one I knew went, well, I would still go and have a great time.  This little sprint is just one more stepping stone toward a bigger goal.

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