Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running the Hills

First thing this morning I took off into Sycamore Canyon to lay down some miles.  My legs were aching from trail running Mt. Rubidoux the day before.  I ran a big loop and only saw one other person, but lots of bunnies hopped across my path. Just being outside is a great way to start the day!


  1. Hey Kandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to Blogger! I will enjoy reading what you are up toooo! Looks like you'd better get up early tomorrow to get in your running/biking. Has turned rather warm and a slight bit windy.♥ Me

  2. I actually waited until the hottest part of the day to do my run. I hate running in the heat and it just wears me down, so that's what I need to work on! So, bring on the heat and the hills!