Monday, July 9, 2012

Tour de France - It's turning me into a Couch Potato!

Le Tour de France

Oh, I would love to be there!

But I am not, so I am doing the next best thing. I am sitting on my butt and watching it on television, until I get up and ride.
I have been riding EVERY DAY since the Tour started.
It's my motto - they ride, I ride.

But the truth is - I have been sitting my butt on the couch more than I have been sitting my butt on my bike saddle.


Here's the stats - Since the beginning of the Tour 10 days ago, I have sat my butt on the couch and watched other people pedaling their bikes for 25 hours. The live program is saved to my TV and all together it is more like 30 plus hours of programming, but I fast forward through all the commercial.

Well, except for the Road ID commercials.
They make me laugh.
Bob Roll drives away in a gold cart....on his way to his bike ride with some famous cyclist.
Okay, so 25 hours sitting on my butt watching TV.
Every day since the Tour started, I have put my foot to pedal and ridden at a minimum 20 miles. I can't run (doc says at least 3 more weeks), so I might as well ride...oh and swim, but that's another story.
So 10 days bike riding for me equals 18 hours.
STATS - TV watching 25 hours versus bike riding 18 hours.
The Tour is turning me into a couch potato.
Tomorrow is a rest day for the Tour!
I bet they are going to sit around and watch TV!!
Not me.
I am going to be riding my bicycle!!!!

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