Friday, May 10, 2013

My Phone is in Rice

My phone is in a baggy of rice.
That is not the picture of it. I can't take pictures right now because my phone is (*)(*)(&^^ in rice. I have a camera somewhere. Not sure where. Since I have had my iPhone I have used it for a camera. I would have to search for a long time to find my camera that is only a camera.
If I did find my camera, it would be really strange to use it. I would take a picture and then.....then what? I couldn't post it to facebook or use any cool apps to change the coloring. The image would just sit there in the camera until I could download it into my computer.

I am sure you are wondering how my camera ended up in a bag of rice.
I'd show you pictures, but the pictures of how it happened are in the camera.
Also I am not sure if the fault is mine or if the fault belongs to the contraption my camera was in.
I am not going to point fingers until I know for sure.
Testing is taking place and emails have been sent to the company that sent me the contraption.
I am hoping my phone will come back to life.
I am praying my phone will come back to life.
And I am emailing Andy Potts asking him for a discount code for Lifeproof.
Until then....I'm off the grid.

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