Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ride Alone HILLS Yes!

Sometimes it is good to ride alone.
There was no one to talk to, except myself.
No one to get my mind off my legs, except myself.
No one to push me, except myself.
No one who would know if I didn't go all the way to the top of the hill, except myself.
I rode with myself today.
I rode 30 miles with myself.
I rode 1,700 feet up in those miles.
All by myself.
All alone.
I didn't have music, though I did have the lyrics from the play my kindergarteners just did running through my brain.
"I'm a chef, chef, chef....oolalala"..repeat that a lot of times and it gets your mind off your legs.
I counted the number of times I had to pedal between light posts on one climb.
I tried to keep it in my big ring for the entire ride, but I had to go to the lower ring when I hit Hillsmont and it was 14 percent.
But you'll just have to take my word for that because I was all by myself.
Since it was just me, I only stopped when I wanted to. I didn't have to wait for anyone and no one had to wait for me.
For the first 45 minutes I made my ride a game - ride in the biggest gear I could without pushing my heart rate over 140. I didn't care about speed.

I stopped at this intersection because I wanted to take a picture of the sign.. wish it turned out better.
Also because it was at the top of a 14 percent grade and I just wanted to stop and have a drink and take a bite of my nutrition bar.
My second stop was at the Citrus Heritage Park because I had to go to the bathroom. I was the only one there. It was so peaceful and quiet. I parked myself on a bench for a few minutes and ate some of my bar and placed a few games of "Words with Friends."

Last stop was near the top of Overlook after a climb. I took a picture and had some of my bar. When I took off my chain fell off. It wasn't an easy fix. Somehow it fell off the front rings and the back cassette. I had to find some shade, turn my bike upside down and work on it for a several minutes to get it back on.
Riding alone I didn't have anyone else to depend on but myself.
I like depending on myself.
I liked my alone
Tomorrow I am going to like my ride with FRIENDS.

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