Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Run, but Lots of Fun!

Today I hung out with about 1,000 runners...but I didn't run.
I ran last Sunday, before I biked and swam and I got first in my age group at the Kendall Webb Triathlon in San Diego.
They also gave me an ounce of silver for being the SENIOR Master Woman.
Yes, I realize that I aged up on Jan. 1 and I am now "54" according to USAT, but a SENIOR? Come on.
So being a SENIOR, I have come to realize I can NOT pound it weekend after weekend after weekend.
So last weekend was my race weekend and this weekend was my BOOTH weekend.
Yep, I had booth at the Citrus Heritage Run in Riverside.


It was my first booth as a USAT Coach!
I had so much fun talking to people and telling them that "YES" they could do a triathlon.

My booth was great because of the people in it!!!

Shirley helped (WO)man my booth.

Shirley is one of my athletes. She finished her first Half Ironman at Barb's race in July. Now she is an awesome Aqua-Biker until her foot injury subsides.
She is a mean machine on the bike.
And in my booth.
Thank you Shirley!!!

Jeanne helped (WO)man my booth when she wasn't getting arrested.
First she was just standing by the Batman car and then I heard she tried to get in the car and drive it.......

So the Gotham City Police came and got her......

 Uhm, you don't think she did all that because she has a bike ride she needs to do tomorrow, do you?

Patty didn't work by booth, but she rocked my shirt!!!

She was sick and probably should have stayed home.
But Patty is a hard-core athlete so she got her ass out of bed and came down and ran a half marathon in 1:44.

(FYI - I could not run that time if I was 10 years younger and NOT sick, or 20 years younger and NOT sick....or...the list could go on......)

Patty (my sick girl) in my booth before the start of the half marathon.
Photo: Running into the finish line! Awesome run, Patty!
Does she look sick?
Patty rocking the run to the finish.
 Photo: Congratulations on your GREAT 1:44 run at the Citrus Heritage Half Marathon this morning. YOU ROCK!!!!
Yeah - 1:44 and 29th overall.
Way to go, Patty.
Her next goal is to rock the LA Marathon and qualify for Boston.
I believe she can do it!!!!!
My booth had a great raffle.
Winners have been notified.
Thank you to my biggest supporter and friend....Robert!
He helped me set up my booth and then he was lead out ride for the half marathon...
That's my guy on the bike on the right side of the road (in the shade) and that's the first person (guy) about to cross the finish line.
I wouldn't tell this to anyone else, but I am so glad Robert made it to the finish line without getting lost...
because tonight he cooked me dinner and tomorrow he is going biking with me.

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