Saturday, January 4, 2014

Race Plans for 2014

2014 Race Plans
I'm staying healthy and injury-free this year, so I'll be eventing at all my planned races.
I may even add a race or two along the way.
Jan. 5 - Starting out the year with a fun sprint in San Diego - 3 mile run, 10 mile bike, 200 yard pool swim - around Fiesta Island with Breakfast Burritos from Mimi's afterward. This will be a great way to start the new year of Tri-ing.
Feb. 2 - Surf City Half Marathon

Feb. 22 - Race on the Base Reverse Sprint Triathlon (This will be my 5th year eventing on this flat course. Every year it is different - rainy, sunny, windy, cold, hot. Who knows what it will be this year.
March 2 - Desert Tri International Distance. I did this one 2 years ago and it was my first "close to" Olympic Distance. Missed it last year.
March 15 - Pasadena Triathlon. I evented here in 2011. I like the course. I loved the tech t-shirt. It is still one of my favorites.
April 5 - Run Seal Beach 10k
April 13 - Tri Series 1 at Bonelli Park
UHM...I think that somewhere in the month of April is the Grape Stomp Sprint Tri - but not sure exactly when yet.
May 4 - Wildflower Olympic Distance
May 10 - Tri Series 2 - though I may bail on it and go to the CWOD (Courageous Women of Dirt) workshop
May 17 - Xterra Bonelli Off-Road Triathlon
May 31 - San Diego Century (thought I think I signed up for the Metric Century, which is actually about 70 miles)
June 8 - Tri Series 3
end of June - Tinman in San Bernardino - reverse sprint
July 26 - Xterra Snow Valley (There is a rock there with part of my skin on it and I am going to own it this time around).
I am not signed up for a single RACE this month....but no worries, I'll be getting my endorphins on because Robert and I are going to Cycle Yellowstone....7 days and 500 miles with 20,000 feet of climbing....which is really good training since Robert and I signed up for....
Oct. 5 - Silverman 70.3 (Happy 28th Anniversary to US AND Happy 50th Birthday to Robert - even though he is in denial)
Oct. 19 - San Diego Espri - a revisit to my first open water swim triathlon.
Triathlon San Diego Esprit de She
And Riverside Tri is somewhere in there????
Nov. 1 - Bike the Coast, Taste the Coast (Of course, I am doing this...I won free entries/free jersey from last year's event)
Maybe I'll run the Mission Inn Run this year (5k, 10k, Half?)
Haven't decided...HITS Palm Springs or Tinsel Tri in Hemet??



And I have the right to change any of the above or add to any of the above at a moments notice.

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