Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bike, Garden, Coaching !!!

I'm not breaking any records, but I am riding my bike.
I am not riding as much as I want, but I will get there....wherever that is.
Life has been FRANTIC!!!
Between regular life (you know, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, working, exercising, taking care of stuff around the house, feeding the pets, etc.....) I have been taking my son to numerous doctors appointments (when we have a definite diagnosis I will let you know) and keeping a watchful eye on my husband who is again having blood-clotting issues.
Today I passed on the Xterra Tri at Bonelli so I could go on a bike ride with my guy.
I just put my bike in the hardest gear and rode it as a single-speed.
(And I see one in my future...You know a girl can NOT have too many bicycles.)
The ride was good and I kept my heart rate hoping I burned some fat!
You know, stress causes an increase in cortisol, which causes I am blaming my excess fat on increased cortisol from the increased stress the past few days. I mean weeks. Uhm, I guess months would be more realistic.
I have experienced a huge amount of stress the pass few months it's added some blubber to my mid-section, but the bike ride today took care of some of it.
I am sure of that!!!

We rode around Fairmount Park. I use to sail a sabot sailboat around the lake when I was a teenager. We were always told not to jump in the lake because there were leeches. It didn't stop us. We would tip the sailboats over on purpose just to cool off. And who cares about leeches. Last weekend I competed in a triathlon at a lake and I had leeches all over my feet. I just scrubbed them off with sand.

We rode from our house to Waterman on the Santa Ana River Trail.

We tried a new place for breakfast along the way. It was packed (hard to tell in this picture). My eggs, bacon and pancakes were only $3.99...but the entire time all I could think of is that the syrup was NOT real and had high fructose corn syrup. I am going to have to start packing my own syrup or stop eating out. The eggs had no flavor because I am use to eating organic eggs I get from a friend. There was a HUGE difference.
When we got home I added my miles to the National Bike Challenge.
You can still join the challenge.
You can still join the Train-n-Tri team.
So far, Peggy and I are the only ones on the team and we could use a few more friends to bring our miles up. Sign up, join us and then put your butt on your bike seat and log some miles.
You can win some cool prizes.
(I'll blog about that later)
When we got home from the ride I was a little antsy because one of my athletes was competing in her "real"  first half iron distance. Not only was it her first "real", but she was competing after recovering from hip replacement and shoulder surgery.
And she loves to travel.
We tweaked her training to accommodate all of her STUFF!!!!
But I was holding my breath all day long.
I don't like to stress (you know, it adds to belly fat) so in between checking the computer for her results, I worked out in my yard.
Wish I had before shots...because I filled up 3 garbage pails of overgrown plants.
My dog, Willie, relaxing on the patio...watching me work my ass off!!!
I finished cleaning up the patio and after looking at the results for HITS Grand Junction, CO, I decided I deserved a glass of wine and a little time to myself reading a book out on my clean patio.......
glass of wine and my book.....ready to relax...

Barbara came in FIRST in her division!!!!




Congratulations Barbara on your first "REAL" half iron distance, and your Finish and your FIRST place in your division!!!!!
I may have skipped out of Xterra this morning, but there is still racing in my weekend.
I am competing at the Belmont Tri (which just got changed to a duathlon) tomorrow in San Diego.
Okay, I can be a duathlete......I've done it before.
(click above to read about my becoming a duathlete)
Tomorrow when I get home from the race, I am going to jump in my pool and swim just to make it official......
I am a triathlete!!!!


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