Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Can Swim with my Clothes On!

Today I went to the local pool and was certified as being able to swim with my clothes on.
I jumped in feet first WITH my run skort, tank top and running shoes on and WITHOUT my goggles, swim cap and noseclip and swam 25 yards one way.....
and then 25 yards the other way.
 Yikes, swimming without a noseclip gets lots of water up my nose. I was praying my sinuses didn't swell up from the chlorine.
 But I was done and I received a sign-off on my swim check certification.

Then my daughter, Danielle, jumped in with her sweatpants, tshirt and shoes on (also without swim cap, goggles and noseclip) and completed the same swim.

  and back...
 She looks way happier at the end of her swim then I did at the end of mine.

Danielle had her swim check certification also.
Why did we swim with our clothes on to get swim check certified.
Because next month we are going to take sailing lessons at Fairmount Park.
I took lessons on Lake Evans at Fairmount Park years ago....and I do mean YEARS ago when I was a teenager.
Back then, the instructors told us NOT to jump in the water because there were leeches.
I remember taking the sailing lessons during the summer with my cousin and it was HOT!!
We would purposely tip the sabot sailboats over, just so we could get in the water and cool off.
On Sunday afternoons they would have boat races around the island in the middle of the lake.
Then they closed down the boathouse and for years there was no more sailing on Lake Evans.
After lots of years the boathouse was fixed up and sailing on the lake started again.


Next month, Danielle and I are going to take a 3-day class and for the second time in my life I am going to become a trained sailor.
Images of kids sailing on Lake Evans, kind of how I remember it as a kid.
This time round, though, I don't think I will be tipping my boat over on purpose.
It's good to know though, that if the boat does tip, I have the ability to swim to shore....
with my clothes on!!!

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