Thursday, June 19, 2014

My New Security Swim Blanket

I swim with a security blanket.
I blogged about my swimming "lifesaver" more than two years ago.
Thankfully, I never had to use it.
Though I did try it out one time...just to make sure it worked.
A couple of weeks ago, I got a different version of the swim "lifesaver" and the first time I wore it was at a triathlon. The results were not good. But it was not the fault of the was all my fault for not reading the directions - or watching the instruction video.
So after watching the online video of the CORRECT way to wear the SwimIt, I gave it another chance earlier this week during an open water swim at Lake Perris.
Wearing it the right way made all the difference in the world. It never moved on my leg and really, I didn't even notice I was wearing it while I swam.
When I got back to shore, I decided it would be a good idea if I gave the SwimIt a test.
First, notice that I am wearing the SwimIt the correct way.
I'm feeling for the pull lever.
Yep, that's it.
And pull.....

The floatation device came right out.

At first I was a bit surprised because the floatation device was shaped just like a life preserver. My SwimSafe was just a long tube.

Pick it up....

Look at it....



and put it on.

SwimIt worked great!!!


Okay, now the hard part - to put it all back together.
Luckily, there is an online video showing exactly how to repack the SwimIt.
I watched the video several times to make sure I was following directions. Yeah, I learned my lesson.

I did have to try a couple of times before I got it right.
 The only part of the repacking they never explained was what to do with the long white ribbon that attaches the life preserver to the SwimIt container. After watching the video a few times, I saw that they had coiled the ribbon up and wrapped a rubber band around it.
There was a rubber band attached to the ribbon after I had inflated the SwimIt in the water, but I didn't know where it came from.

 Repacked and ready to wear with the thought that I will NEVER have to use it.
If you are interested in a SwimIt you can watch the videos about it.


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