Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dirty Girl

Last weekend I competed in a Muddy Buddy with my 19-year-old son. It was a blast.

 We spent the entire weekend driving together, eating together and racing together. The togetherness ended the minute we drove into the driveway and I mentioned how dirty the mountain bike was and how many dirty clothes and towels we had in the back of the suburban. I didn't see him again for 3 days. That's about how long it took me to clean off the bike and wash all our dirty, muddy clothes (the clothes required two to three washes to get all the mud out).

It got me thinking about how much laundry I, as a triathlete, make in a day. So I decided to made a pictorial of my clothes (sorry if my undies are peeking out in the pics, but I just took the garments off and tossed them on the floor).

My pajamas consisted of bottoms, a top, underwear and socks. Not to bad. I would have this for laundry even if I wasn't a triathlete.

I changed into my running clothes. It was a little chilly so I wore running capris, underwear, sports bra, short sleeve running shirt with a long sleeve wicking shirt over it, and a running jacket and socks. I had a nice little 4-mile run. It warmed up and I had to take the jacket off and tie it around my waist. By the time I got home I had sweat trickling down my back and into my pants. Everything was wet and smelly. All of it had to go into the laundry.

I got dressed for work - jeans, tshirt, long-sleeve sweater, bra, underwear and socks.  After work I went straight to the gym where I swam about 1500 yards. After swimming I put on a pair of sweatpants, camisole and a long-sleeve wicking shirt. I put my underwear back on (trying to save myself some laundry). 

When I got home I dumped everything on the floor - my bathing suits (yes, suits - I sometimes wear two because I have lots of worn out suits and instead of buying new suits, I just double them up and hope no one can see through them), and my work clothes. I set aside my sweatpants, camisole and long-sleeve wicking shirt to put back on. Underwear and towel went in the pile.

After my shower I put on clean underwear and the sweatpants, cami and long-sleeve wicking shirt. I decided I could sleep in them and I would be good to go for the next morning because my plan was to get up and go out in our garage and lift some weights. All I would need to do the next morning is put on some sock and tennis shoes.

This is after weight-lifting.

I am thinking the name should be changed to quadathlon - swim, bike, run, laundry.

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