Monday, November 14, 2011

I Asked My Guy to Grocery Shop

It was a busy weekend. I didn't have time to grocery shop. I didn't have enough cash in my wallet to buy groceries and gas. I drive a Suburban people and every time I fill it up it's a good $100. When I grocery shop it is a good $200 to $300. I don't carry that much cash around at one time.

So I asked my guy to stop by the store and pick up groceries. When he asked what we needed I thought I had done a good job of answering the question succinctly - "You know, stuff to eat and COFFEE!"

I came home from work and yes, there was coffee, but the stuff to eat was not MY stuff to eat.  He had bought two bricks of cheese, two packages of cheese, sliced roast beef, sourdough bread, frozen burritos, frozen taquitos, frozen breaded chicken, yogurt, two bottles of wine, 3 bananas and coffee.

Okay, so I am good with the yogurt, 3 bananas, coffee and two bottles of wine. But where is the rest of MY food.  No veggies? No whole wheat bread? No veggies? (yes, I know I wrote that twice -  but I am a big veggie eater and we don't have any veggies).

So I have learned my lesson. Next time I ask my guy to grocery shop I will give him a list.

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