Friday, November 25, 2011

Earn and Burn the Turkey

I have loved having this week off. It has been perfect. Started off last weekend having a garage sale with my mom, her cousin and her niece. I pocketed a little over $100, just enough "extra" cash to sign up for my first 1/2 Ironman. It's not until next October 2012 (SOMA), but I did sign up in 2011. I also got rid of a bunch of clothes that didn't fit me anymore. I may not have lost a lot of weight in the past year, but I have lost some inches. A lot of the clothes were my son's, and he hasn't lost weight or inches. Every time I turn around my baby is taller and more manly.

Sunday we went with our friends on their very first bike ride with the Riverside Bicycle Club. We rode from City Hall, around the base of Mt. Rubidoux, on the Santa Ana River Trail to Starbucks on Mt. Vernon and back by way of Fairmount Park. While it was a nice little spin for Robert and me, it was a 22-mile challenge for our friends. We had a big breakfast together afterward and assured them their butts would toughen up.

Monday was an errand day - son to see back doctor, dog to see vet for skin allergy - and clean house and do laundry day. I actually got the kids to do the cleaning house part, and I only do my own laundry now, so mostly I spent the day sitting around at doctor's offices and reading, and reading, and reading. Managed to get in a run before sitting in front of the fire and reading, and reading, and reading.

Tuesday Robert and I got up early and drove to Azusa to go on our First Annual Earn the Turkey Ride. We rode on the San Gabriel River Trail from Azusa to Seal Beach, where we took a short break and had breakfast at River's End Restaurant before heading back. 

I wore a new pair of bike Capri's and I was commiserating with my friend by the time I got back to the car. My butt cheeks were sore. Thank goodness I had started off the ride with Hoohaa Ride Glide. I wish I had had some at our halfway stop. When I got home I went online and ordered the little travel packs of Hoohaa because having a tender hoohaa is no laughing matter.

Wednesday was another hang around the house day. We got the backyard cleaned up and I got a lot of editing done on my book. Robert had to go to work. I lifted weights for an hour, then read the entire Janet Evanovich Explosive Eighteen.

Thanksgiving morning was quiet at my house. Danielle went to my mom's to help her get the food ready. Dion slept in until 10:30, then jumped up and took a shower to get to his girlfriend's Thanksgiving dinner on time. I made pumpkin muffins (2 ingredients - spice cake and a can of pumpkin) and wrote for several hours. It is way easier for me to write when everyone is gone or quiet or I have my headphones on and listen to music to block THEM out. I had to wake Darin up at 12:30 to get him going. Dinner at my mom's was nice and relaxed and I was Thankful that all 3 of my kids (and the girlfriend) were able to make it to my mom's. I was Thankful that I only had to make green beans and bring a vegetable tray and my muffins. I was so Thankful that I didn't have to cook a turkey, or mashed potatoes, or stuffing, etc.  My family usually goes to the movies after Thanksgiving dinner and this year was no different, except it was hard for us to agree on what to see. All the movies out either seemed like a big dud or someone had seen it. We ended up seeing Jack and Jill - Adam Sandler's movie. It was so stupid I actually laughed out loud a few times. The only bummer part of Thanksgiving was that Robert had to go to work.

No Black Friday for me. I rode with the Riverside Bicycle Club on the "Burn The Turkey" ride. It was about 39 miles, with lots of climbing. We all started out together, but as usual, the fast group was gone before we were out 5 miles. The rest of us were stretched out and then a hill cut us into two more groups. I ended being in the middle group with Sheri and Barry. The three of us rode together the entire rest of the way. Sometimes it is really nice to ride with people you don't really know. We just banded together to get the ride done and had sporadic conversation along the way while riding under blue skies and past horse ranches and citrus farms and lots of wide open spaces.

I have two more days off before I go back to work and they are pretty packed - 10k Turkey Trot, then swim clinic with Coach Tony Saturday morning and RBC bike ride on Sunday. I plan to get in some yard work and Christmas decorating before Monday rolls around.

Monday I start back to my routine - write, work, triathlon training.

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  1. Sounds like you have a pretty nice life right now! What is this book you are writing? Also, where are you working? At school?