Wednesday, October 1, 2014

National Bike Challenge 2014

It's over!

The National Bike Challenge 2014 ended Tuesday night.

I racked up 1,436 miles in 63 days.
Most of the miles were from August when I logged 529.68 miles.
A lot of those miles were put down out-of-state while I rode the Greater Yellowstone Bike Ride through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

The challenge started May 1 and ended September 30.

I earned the bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

Mostly I rode for fun or for training, but a few times I rode for "transport." That would be when I would jump on my single-speed and ride down Victoria Avenue to the local farmer's stand and buy some organic, locally grown fruits and veggies.

My stats show that during the Challenge I burned 77,840 calories. Stats show I saved $811, but really I think I spent that much at the farmer's stand, so that is a wash.
The stats on my page also shows that I saved 1,292 pounds in CO2. 

I hope you are impressed.

Just to put it all in perspective, the first year  I participated in the National Bike Challenge (2012) I rode my bike 850 miles.
The next year (2013), I challenged myself and said I would ride 1,700 miles. I did it, but I think it was torturous.

This year, I did not set a goal for myself. I just wanted to ride and train and have fun. My miles were less than last years, but at least I put some miles in....and, hey, I saved $811.
Think my guy will be impressed when I tell him that?
Maybe I saved enough to go on a shopping spree?
Is the bike shop having a sale?

FYI - this is the most expensive bike in the world!!!

Next year YOU can be in the National Bike Challenge!!! 
It doesn't matter if you ride 1 mile or 3,000 miles during the 5-month challenge. Just sign up next year and be part of the challenge!!!!

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