Saturday, October 6, 2012

MUD & Run = Dirty Cross Training

I took on the MUD today!
The Mud Won.
Photo: Del Mar mud run done! Donated running shoes at end. I have mud in every orifice.
The Mud didn't really win...though it did get in my ears and nose and mouth and ????
This is a pictures of what happens when you run in shoes without socks at a mud run. I thought I was being SMART running without socks. I planned to donate my shoes to Project Sole and didn't want to ruin a pair of socks.
Project Sole collects shoes (even dirty ones from mud runs) and cleans them up and donates them to people around the world who need them.
I didn't even realize my foot was bleeding until I went to take my shoe off and my heel was kind of stuck to the shoe.
During the run I could feel it rubbing and I figured I would have a blister at the end, but I didn't think I had rubbed it raw to the point of dripping blood.
Project Sole said they clean up the shoes before donating!
Besides that, the run was great exercise, with some upper body work, core and lower body work.
It was a fun alternative to time in the gym.

We started clean.

Robert and I got to start right in the front of the chute!
We were off and doing an easy run. Lots of young college students whizzed past us. We held our pace.
The obstacles were not that challenging, just MUDDY!!!!!
At about mile one, we were catching up with people who had started in the wave in front of us. Not because we were fast, but because they were WALKING!
People, this was a MUD RUN.....not a MUD WALK!
It made me feel great that I could run the entire course and not once be winded. But it also made me feel sad that so many young people were having such a hard time with the physical aspect of the run.

After my day training with the Navy SEALS and not being able to do some of the obstacles in their "O" course, I have made an effort to improve my upper body strength.
The only thing that made the "Coronado Crossing" hard was Robert grabbing the top rope and jumping on the bottom rope when I was half way through. I was almost catapulted off!
I don't even want to look at our time after this obstacle. Some people had such a hard time getting up through this obstacle that the line was backed up. My watch was covered in mud and I couldn't read it, but I am guessing Robert and I stood in line for 5 minutes waiting for our turn.
Was this obstacle hard? long as you had some muscle in your glutes and some stability in your core.
I only fudged one obstacle - it was the Wonky Bars. The obstacle was like Monkey Bars but over a muddy watery pit. I can do Monkey Bars, but these were wet, slippery wood bars, that spun under your hand. I put my hand on the first one and my hand immediately slipped. I wiped my hands on the front of the nice college guy volunteer's  shirt and tried again. My hand slipped right off. I thought a second wipe on his shirt was a bit much, so......
Her thought bubble is blank....but my thought bubble at the Wonky Bars showed this - "Uhm, I could go for it, but I probably would spin off the bar right in the middle and fall the 6 feet landing right on my back in the center of the mud pit. That would hurt. I have a half iron distance in 2 weeks. I don't have any time for injury recovery. So I am going to just be smart here and humiliate myself by forgoing the bars and just jumping into the muddy watering pit feet first and wading across the pond to the other side - without sustaining injury."
And that's what I did.....jumped in feet first and waded across. On the other side there was a woman sitting in one of the emergency carts....I hope she doesn't have a half iron distance any time soon. I think she is going to be spending some time on injury recovery.
At the end, even though there were guys on scaffolds spraying us with fire hoses as we ran by, we were DIRTY!
We were so muddy that my waterproof SnapSights! was gunked up with mud and I couldn't take any pictures. I am hoping some of those camera guys got a good shot of us.
And my heel? Well, I am going to douse it with Aquaphor and a bandaid before my Citrus Classic 50-mile ride tomorrow.


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