Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Socks for Sore Foot

My new Plus3Network socks came today.

I got these socks FREE from the SockGuy for completing 99 road bike rides for the plus3network.

The link above is to my blog about plus3network and how it works and how you can get free socks and earn money for charity just by doing what you do - ride, bike, swim, strength train, aerobics, etc.
I love the socks.
I ripped the packaging and took them out and wanted to put them on my feet.

But I didn't.
I haven't had anything on my feet the past 4 days except for my beach sandals.

I actually wore these shoes to work on Monday and Tuesday.
I did this on Saturday during the Del Mar Mud Run.
I won't bore you with can bore yourself by reading that blog:

The day after the Mud Run, I slathered my boo-boo with Aquaphor and a bandaid, stuck a sock on it and strapped on my bike shoes for a 50-mile bike ride, followed by a 30-minute run (in my running shoes).
By Sunday evening my heel was red, swollen and oozing. I put hot compresses on it and slathered it in ASAP (a gel that helps promote natural healing from SilverSolutionsUSA) and put a bandaid on it.
It didn't feel much better Monday. I tried to put on a shoe, but it hurt, so I wore my little flip-flops to work with a pair of pants and no one said a thing.
Luckily, my training schedule called for a swim on Monday - so no shoes required.
I repeated the hot compress, ASAP and bandaid. One of my boys looked at it and said I should go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. I only like going to the doctor when I am well for a routine checkup so my doc can tell me what wonderful shape I am in.
Tuesday I wore my flip-flops to work again. But Tuesday evening I put on my bike shoes for a 20-mile ride and then my running shoes for a round-the-block run.
Wednesday I was still in flip-flops. It was my swim day. The water at the gym pool was kind of cloudy and I was questioning whether I should even put my foot in the water.
I not only put my foot, but my entire body in the pool. A half an hour into my swim, my heel was starting to itch and I cut my swim short.
A lady in the locker room looked at my foot (she said she was a nurse) and said I should put some antibiotic cream on it.
I wish I could, but I am allergic to the bactrim in the cream.
This is my heel bandaged! OMG, I really need a pedicure!!!! I have wanted to get one, but for one reason or another I did not want anyone to touch my feet (black toenails, calluses on the end of my toes....and now my heel issue). I WILL be getting a pedicure as soon as possible.
I  had to actually put shoes on today to do errands. I guess I could have worn my flip-flops, but it was pouring rain. More hot compresses tonight.
Okay, so look away if you don't want to see my heel without the bandaid.
Fair warning!!!!
 Oh, I guess it doesn't look too bad in the picture. But you can tell that it is red and the the part in the middle has pus...just in case you were curious. It hurts to move my foot up and down.
Did I mention I have a Half Iron Distance in 10 days?
I need this Ouchy to heal up - no pun intended.
And I really want to wear my new socks!

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