Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Pedals Do You Use?

I need some help people. I need some help from my bike-riding, triathlon people.

I need some opinions. I need some opinions from you.

I have spd pedals on my road bike. I like them. I can clip in and out of them easily. They have a little play in them and my knees don't hurt when I am riding.

My pedals on my road bike are similar to these (maybe they are these).

I have a pair of road bike shoes and keen bike sandals that have spd cleats on them.

Now I have my tri-bike and I tri-bike shoes. I put speedplay lite pedals on my bike, but for the life of me, I could not get clipped in. I tried numerous times. It just was never going to happen. Frustrating.

Okay, so what do most people have on their bikes? What do you have and why do you like it?


spd (and I think these are more like my road pedals....and yes, right now I am too lazy to go out and look at my pedals).


So what do you use? And why?
Thanks in advance for your words of advice.


  1. I have Shimano SPD PD-R540 pedals and SH-TR31 shoes. I love the shoes and they are designed to wear without socks. The combination is easy to clip and unclip. Here's a good article at:


  2. Thank you Jeff. I am taking all recommendations under consideration. FYI - you are the only one who has recommended spd....everyone else in on the LOOK bandwagon or the speedplay X team. I may have to "tri" out a few pedals before I make a decision. Thanks for your input.