Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Age?

A guy at the gym the other day asked me how old I am.
I didn't answer right away.
I didn't know what number to give him.
 Telling my age shouldn't be that hard.
I was born July 3, 1960, so my calendar age is 52.
I could have just told that guy, "52," and that would have been the end of it.
But according to USA Triathlon, I had my birthday on January 1 and I automatically turned 53.
I could have just told that guy, "My race age is 53."
Most days I feel younger than 53, or 52.
I could have told that guy, "My spiritual age is 32."
I don't think he would have believed me because he probably would not have heard the "spiritual" part.
What is our age?
I took an online questionnaire about age. It asked questions about whether I smoked (NO!), exercised (YES!), ate healthy (YES!), drank alcohol (Sometimes), slept a certain amount of hours (as many as possible), and if I ate vegetables (eat them and juice them).

My "age" according to the online questionnaire was 48.

I'll take it!

I told the nosy gym guy, "Age is just a number!"

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